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volume help on lg f6 metropcsSupport

  1. phishinthegorge

    phishinthegorge New Member

    I have a rooted f6 on metropcs. Does an gone know a way of changing the volume on this phone. Not with a sound booster but actually going in and upping the standard volume. Thanks.

  2. tony_duane

    tony_duane Well-Known Member

    You mean like settings->sounds->volumes?
  3. phishinthegorge

    phishinthegorge New Member

    No. My volume is on max. Netflix sounds so quiet. I mean like actually going in and changing the level of what the max volume is.
  4. tony_duane

    tony_duane Well-Known Member

    Man, I had an old phone that I could adjust the hardware limits from some sort of weird hidden programming menu. Turned my speaker up too loud and blew it.
  5. phishinthegorge

    phishinthegorge New Member

    @tony. Noted. I just figured there would be a way to bring it up to a higher level. Especially Netflix.
  6. curttard

    curttard Member

    The speaker on this phone is basically worthless, and as a result using it for driving navigation is almost impossible. The audio output jack is also very low volume.

    Sucks because otherwise this is a great little phone.

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