Wanting to root spare phone

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  1. Rudles

    Rudles Active Member

    Hello, I have upgraded to a Galaxy S3 and have my old Galaxy S GT I9000T. I have seen many articles about rooting and it only seems to get more confusing all the time. I am looking for a easy (one click) root for this phone.
    Galaxy S
    Firmware v 2.3.3
    Baseband v I9000UBJV6
    Kernel v:
    se.infra@SEP-42 #2
    The confusion comes because some of the root programs I have seen either do not list the I9000T or they are for a higher firmware number or in a long list of builds there is no UBJV listing.
    I would like to install a custom ROM after rooting. I hear a lot of good about CYANOGEN, how would I go about this ?


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