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  1. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    This tip should help you on:
    -- installing (sideload) Flash Player on your JellyBean devices
    -- watching Amazon Prime Instant Videos on your JellyBean devices

    **let us know if this works for you! :)

    Here's one way I have my Nexus 7 (JB 4.2.1) setup for watching movies on Amazon Prime.
    I'm sure there are other ways but I found this setup to work for me. YMMV! Goodluck!
    *Thanks to mizzoumanx. I followed his post.

    Make sure you have Flash installed.

    - using your tablet's browser, search or go to Archived Flash Player versions
    - scroll down to Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives
    - download and install Flash Player 11.1.for Android 4.0 (

    Download and install Firefox Browser for Android from Google Play.

    Then download and install 'Phony' add-on.
    - open Firefox, go to Tools> Add-ons> then look for 'Phony"
    - set Phony User Agent to 'Desktop Firefox'
    - enjoy your amazon movies!

    obligatory screenshots =p


    website player

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  2. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    Why do you specify Aurora? The Phony plugin will work just as well with the stable release version of Firefox.

    I understand some people may want to try out "the latest thing" in browsers but I don't think it's a good idea to recommend pre-beta development versions of a browser for everyday use unless there really is no alternative.
  3. mundane24

    mundane24 Well-Known Member

    you're right! i will edit OP. thanks for pointing it out. *i use firefox aurora as a personal preference.
  4. John Bean

    John Bean Happy Wanderer

    It's easy to forget that sometimes our personal preferences are sometimes not the best for the average user :)

    Good information though, it helps in all sorts of ways when you want Firefox mobile (whatever version) to look like a "proper" browser and stop sites making assumptions about the device capabilities. A Nexus 7 is closer in function to a desktop computer than it is to a phone.
  5. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this post! You've taken away the only downside there was for choosing the Nexus 7 over the Kindle Fire. Tried it out last night and it worked great.

    It's also great to see mobile Firefox works with a lot of the add-ons.
  6. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member


    Thanks a lot.. I this is what I needed.. So that my 9 yr old can visit the kids activity websites.

    I am using Firefox beta..
    Has anyone found any widgets fore Firefox?
    The kind that shows the bookmarks on the homescreen...
    This will make it a lot easier for her to get to the different sites

    The only widget Firefox has is for search only

  7. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled FF a while back, but can't you long press the URL and "add link to home screen"? Just label link to whatever game or site it is, and put all the kids links in a folder.

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  8. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    awesome!!! and the link can be put into a folder!!! :):D
  9. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    There's been some posts that this doesn't work anymore, both in the Nexus 7 forum and the general apps one. Tried it on my GNex and it starts to load then I just get black, nothing actually playing.
  10. sparksd

    sparksd Well-Known Member

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