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  1. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    This is just my opinion of the game and if you disagree than I am cool with that. :) I would like to see your opinions about the game also. :)

    Upon playing Halo 4 I have loved it and it really was an upgrade from Halo reach IMO. With maps more original, better story, and better gameplay this Halo has gotten me back into Halo in awhile. It has spartan ops where you and friends do these cooperative missions together, an epic campaign, multiplayer, and forge. I love the game don't get me wrong, but I have a some issues with it. As much as I like the maps I think a little more could have been included. Ordnance drops may be cool, but start to get annoying when people start to camp for them and use the weapon they receive for more camping. You also have loadouts now where you can spawn with your own setup how you want it like what primary and secondary weapon you spawn with as well as grenades, Support upgrades, armor abilities, and tactical packages. This is good, but I liked it better where everyone started on the same level with the same weapons and grenades and fought for the other weapons. A few armor abilities I hate is the Promethean vision and the active camo. Promethean vision takes away from being sneaky and can be cheap sometimes especially if someone waits around a corner know where you're coming from and gets you and they can see through walls and it has quite a range to it. Active camo is a mess as it makes you cloaked at any given moment. It's especially cheap when people cloak and sue the sniper rifle for an unfair advantage. They should have made cloak an ordnance drop like the damage boost and overshield. I've used Promethean vision to try and see them, but if they're behind a wall you can't see them at all.
    I know ordnance drops may be seen to eliminate camping for weapons, but I think it can promote it. You never have to get 5 kills in a row before dying to get one as it never matters or not. You could die at 4 kills come back to life get the 5th and still get the ordnance drop. Which gives the weapons almost at your feet sometimes without having to go out and get them. I don't like two things about the controls. 1 with bumper jumper it's harder to hijack vehicles since you have to hold B instead of holding the right bumper like you should. And it's impossible to use the jetpack and look around at the same time since you need to press X to use it. Okay...?
    I also don't like switching grenade types with the D-Pad as it can be a little confusing when in the heat of battle. Why couldn't it of been a more convenient button like LB or X for bumper jumper?
    The support upgrades seem like perks at points like from Call of duty. You have ones that make you run forever and one that makes you reload faster just like seight of hand. Sometimes I think it can be a little unbalanced since it's about who can have a better setup. There is even an upgrade that makes your shields recharge quicker. They add variety, but I could personally do without. I don't like some of the armor abilities as it sometimes makes it like it's defensive gameplay instead of offensive. You have an ability that gives you a shield which blocks bullets, but the good thing is that it can take only so much punishment and doesn't last long. The turret you spawn doesn't really protect you, but mostly distracts I think. There's slayer pro which takes these out which I like. :)
    It's also good they're releasing more maps soon and I hope they release maps from Halo 3. I think at points the Promethean handgun can be very cheap as when you charge it up it kills you so fast and from quite a distance even at short range. The Human shotgun at points is a little ridiculous with it's range and power. The Binary rifle is insta kill and when you're shot you no longer zoom out but rather you flinch and look up. Sometimes I preferred it when you just zoomed out so you could run or get to cover, but I still like that addition. They also added kill-cams for what that's worth it barely works most of the time and leaves you scratching your head more than showing you how you died. They took out TK'ing for the most part which I'm glad they did, but you can still get splattered.
    I loved the campaign and I wont spoil anything, but the ending was great, but will leave you looking forward to the next Halo. Action packed and the Master Chief has a lot more dialog this time around.
    They include some enemies old and new and the new Prometheans are a challenging new threat. Halo 4 has new and old weapons and they're great if some a bit "Strong". More armor for customization and this time you do things to get it rather than buying it like doing challenges or leveling up, or choosing the new specializations. I like how they added Valhalla to the MP and it's now called Ragnarak. Now this is just purely my opinion and if you disagree than I totally respect that. :) I find that a few things in Halo 4 might be a little like Call of duty. The loadouts, Supprt upgrades, tactical packages, challenges, spartan ops, and commendations all seem similar in a way. You even have killcams and last killcams too. Halo was never about that and it's what made Halo Halo and different from other shooters. You can only vote once is what I like too as from reach people could switch there vote and it got annoying. Weapon bloom is kinda there, but it's not very noticeable to me and it fits perfectly fine. There's also a new vehicle mech called the mantis. I find sometimes the vehicles can be a little OP especially how you get splattered easily which it's like that to me. The maps are also more original now and are in no way linked to the campaign. Well that's what I think about Halo 4 and I know I might've complained a lot about it at points, but I love Halo 4, 343 did a good job and I always enjoy playing it with friends. It had a great campaign and the multiplayer is fun too and I like a lot of the new weapons as it added a lot more variety to the game. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? I'd like to see what you all think of it. :)

  2. kool kat2

    kool kat2 Well-Known Member

    Like : lack of bloom, pace of games is awesome, I'm always on edge lol, choosing between dmr and br for primary weapons

    Dislike : ordnance drops take out the element of strategy. Now it comes to the weapons roulette. Its very annoying. While camping is annoying, the radar was part of the strategy and it wasn't always "camping". For this i hate promethean vision. Overpowered weapons........... Since when is AR>DMR??? I mean, even I resort to the damn ar in a pinch and although I get a kill i feel dirty about it. In game joining. 2 v 4s are dead. No more "haha, you 4 lost to us 2 hahahalolololroflmao!" more but too sleepy to think.......

    And why is there shuffling of playlists? Leave snipers in!

    Aaaand, no visible ranking system.a small thing to some but there was an accomplishment that we dont have available for us to see. Im not sitting here "omg i just ranked up to a 3! Yeah! Im pwning n00bs!" its just "oh i won/lost.yay........" nothing happens........ The halo community was bmw-ing about it since reach and they couldnt give us that........for shame.......

    Buuut, i like the game even with its massive (imo) flaws. I mean, what else am i gonna do, pay attention to my kids?
  3. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Yeah, I love the game to, but I find it has it's flaws. Ranking is just play long enough and you rank up. Use to it was about skill and winning to rank up and now it doesn't matter. Just eat doritos and drink mountain dew and there's your 50. :p
  4. SpikyAndroid3

    SpikyAndroid3 Well-Known Member

    I truly love the game and have been a Halo fan since the first Halo: Combat Evolved. Much has changed since Halo 3, but I see no problem with Halo 4 especially as it is owned by 343industries (there first proper game).
    All I can say is Updates :D
  5. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Yeah, updates can surly fix it and make it better. I love Halo 4 and think they did a good job on it even though what I said may not look like it. :p
  6. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    Multiplayer wise - it is better than all the previous Halo games prior to it, but not really a fan of ordinance drops. I borrowed the game and have been playing the single player by myself since I can't find anyone to play with :(
  7. SpikyAndroid3

    SpikyAndroid3 Well-Known Member

    Personally I think Ordinance Drops are quite good and enable an advantage if you or the team is doing bad. Even though everyone gets the ordinance, it gives that Umph! to it I guess.

    Likewise, as this new multiplayer experience is much more different to the previous Halo's I would think that as many game progress, more things will change*. Just imagine if this Halo multiplayer was somewhat the same, no loadout, no ordinance, no new armour abilities [just the same ol' Armour Lock] - Halo: Reach/3 just with a couple differences, graphic changes and a new storyline. Who would want to get that?
    Halo: 4 is good, and feels more Competitive, but not Casual like its ancestors

    *The new Halo, requires a Kinect Sensor lol
  8. edge

    edge Well-Known Member

    I think it's kind of funny how many things they incorporated from Call of Duty
  9. edge

    edge Well-Known Member

    Just beat it. I thin this was done way better than reach. The story was great and LONG. I kept expecting it to end, but it just kept going.
  10. Mark with a K

    Mark with a K Member

    i love 4 my and my pals have a blast on mp xD
  11. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Yeah, it is a blast nonetheless. :)
  12. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    Best Halo since 1. Period.
  13. croppz

    croppz Member

    It was a good game, the whole DMR spam got old after a while though. I played it for a solid 3 weeks after putting BF3 down for the first time since the game released and it was a nice change of pace, not my style though.

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