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What is my root folder name?

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  1. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    So I'm trying to root my phone, and Step 1 references copying a file into the "root" folder on the SD Card.

    There is no folder named "root," as far as I can tell. What folder is that referring to?


  2. jmxp69

    jmxp69 Well-Known Member


    ie cp filename.xxx /

    You won't be able to do that without rooting and booting into recovery though. Right now, the root isn't rw while in Android AFAIK.
  3. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    Dumb it down for me a little bit, please. Here is what I see.


    Which folder?
  4. zerozed

    zerozed Active Member

    its the root folder--the E: drive (from your pic)...it's the one from which you can see all the other folders (hence "the root")
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  5. ToxMox

    ToxMox Member

    The think of it as a tree. The root being the base of the tree. Thus in your picture the root folder refers to E:\
    Technically the root isn't really a folder in the sense you are thinking.
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  6. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    Ah, I see now. Thank you. Time for me to go void my warranty and break my new phone. Wish me luck.
  7. ballr4lyf

    ballr4lyf Well-Known Member

    This could end badly. :p

    j/k. Best of luck to you. I don't know that I could live with an unrooted android phone myself. :D
  8. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    mwa ha ha ha ha (lightning strikes)

  9. ToxMox

    ToxMox Member

    Kidding aside, I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps unrevoked is a better path for the OP to take.
  10. jmxp69

    jmxp69 Well-Known Member

    ---delete--- re-read posters intent.

    Good luck...
  11. Ken C

    Ken C Well-Known Member

    I've had the evo bout a month. Been researching rooting the phone. Every tutorial I've seen talks about the root folder on sd card. This is the first time I've seen anybody straight out tell you were it is. Question though, haven't rooted yet. But when I look at the card through the phone I actually see a folder named root. What's up with that? Should I worry about it when I do root? Don't recall if I've seen the folder when I view the card on my laptop. I've downloaded the hboot files and installed, but as I've researched I've noticed several files/folders that need to be copied to this root folder. Just tying to make sure I don't monkey up the phone when I do root it.
  12. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to the forum!!!!

    rooting and root folder are different things. not sure what that folder is as when i look in mine it is not there. When they say the "root" of your sd card, it means to NOT put it into any folder (even though there is a file labeled root). it needs to be on the top level of the sd card.
    have you read the rooting for dummies guide? it is a very useful tool to help you root. without it i would have been lost. just read it very carefully and ask questions if you have them. this forum is a great place to get answers and help.
  13. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Well-Known Member

    what are you using to view your sd card with your phone?

    to put something in the root of your sd card means to not put it in any folder. when you do root your phone, it will not be looking for any folder called root. it just means you have a file on your sd card all by itself.

    having root access to your phone just means you have access to all files on your phone. kinda in a slight way like having administrator access. or as you will see later super user ;)
  14. Ken C

    Ken C Well-Known Member

    I have downloaded the dummies instructions. I'm using AndroXplorer to view the files on the card via phone. I guess I was trying to over think it. Just trying to cover as many things as I can before I go for it. I don't want to be a post crying for help
  15. Xtremedays

    Xtremedays Well-Known Member

    Unrevoked is simple and easy to use. If you run into a problem(which does happen), there are many here that can walk you through finishing the process. As far as things on your sdcard, you will not need those til you are ready to flash a custom rom as long as the Unrevoked process goes correctly. For now though, getting rooted is the first step.
  16. An UrgeTo Dance

    An UrgeTo Dance The Hero of the Winds

    Easiest way to explain it is, it is the top of the SD card meaning not in any folder. It needs to be on the top level that way it is easy to find.
  17. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    don't worry about crying for help that is part of what this forum is for. if you need any help or have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

    the main thing is just study the rooting for dummies guide. it is the best thing out there.
  18. Ken C

    Ken C Well-Known Member

    well i went and rooted the phone ( i think ) went through the guide. a couple of things came up, but in the end i can see the lil ninja dude and if i open a terminal and type in "su" i get the proper responce almost "every" time. one time i got permision denied but downloaded the unrevoked zip and install on sd card and everything seeems ok. Titanium backup seems to work, I'm sending this from the laptop with wireless tether. still need to recover some apps. And whenever a program requires root I get a notification But to the point. What is the best way to know if i have full root?
  19. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    What happens when you boot into recover? From OFF power the phone on while holding the down vol button. The # response from Terminal and being able to run Titaniun Backup would indicate full root. If you get to the recovery menu, then these 3 things should confirm full root. Sounds like you have full root to me.
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  20. Ken C

    Ken C Well-Known Member

    Been playing with the phone since rooting . Just wanted to hear somebody else say it for me, lol... But something something I found odd. There its a file talked about pc36mg.zip? I know that's not it exactly. Anyway I didn't put that file on my card. But I did put the unrevoked- forever zip In the card and then ran it again and the clockworkmod went from 3.0 for the first root, to 2.6 after I put the unrevoked zip. On the card and ran it the second time and It's seem that the root stuck. Lol .. don't know if that makes sense. I did do a backup after I achieved the first root I just can't see how I lost it (root), and have the clockworkmod change like that. I read tons of threads and don't recall hearing anything like that. Any thoughts please let me know.

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