What is the best Rom?

  1. neversatisfied

    neversatisfied Well-Known Member

    I have Fresh 1.1 with Gumbo kernal but I am looking for something new. I want a rom that has all the 2.1 features (if there is one) that isn't slow. Also, does this trick the phone into thinking it is a 2.1 update? or is it still labeled 1.5?

  2. showbo

    showbo Well-Known Member

    Use Chocmatics version of Damageless's rom, has the roise tool bar, and awesome mem killer settings.

    get it here Chocmatic Blog

    Get the version 2, update 2 with FB. Runs amazing.

    It does not trick the phone into anything. This is a 2.1 Rom, just like the 2.1 rom that sprint will release.

    Only thing is, this is a 2.1 rom from another phone.

    As soon as the sprint 2.1 comes out, expect 1234324235124234234 +1 roms to spring up :)

  3. cirehawk

    cirehawk Well-Known Member

    I flashed the chocmatic rom tonight, but there are hardly any HTC widgets available. Were they removed?

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