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    Hey Guys,

    We're a new startup - WriggleApps - and we're getting ready to release our very first app... "What's This?"

    We've tried to take the usefulness of photo sharing and combine it with the popularity of social turn-based games. The idea is simple: take photos, edit them using fun filters (such as blur, spin, pixellate etc.) and send them to a friend to guess "What's This?". You can earn coins by guessing photos correctly and use these coins to unlock new camera effects in the game. Check it out: FINAL What's This Promo Video Final Edit - YouTube

    We're hoping that this app will appeal to existing mobile photography fans and gamers, but we also believe that it might open up photo sharing to a younger audience who are looking for something a bit more fun.

    Anyway, description finished. We're weeks away from launch on Android and are really looking to get some people playing now so we can receive feedback. We'd appreciate any help you can give! If you're interested and want to get your hands on a free copy before everyone else, sign up here: What's This? - The New Photo Sharing Game for Android and we'll send you a copy.

    Stay cool!
    Ross & Ed, Wriggle

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  2. WriggleApps

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    We've almost finished de-bugging "What's This?" into a slick, quick, application. Anyone interested in getting their hands on the early release version for free, get in touch (ross@wriggleapps.com) and we'll send it through. We'd be very interested in your feedback at this final stage.
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    Moved to the Beta forum testing, cheers

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