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Which is good 2.3 custom ROM for Vibrant?

  1. smartcard

    smartcard Well-Known Member

    Which is good Android 2.3 custom ROM for T-Mobile Vibrant from USA?

  2. sbryan1129

    sbryan1129 Active Member

    this one is very good Eugenes Ginger Clone 2.2 Final
  3. smartcard

    smartcard Well-Known Member

    I am looking for Android 2.3 not 2.2
  4. sbryan1129

    sbryan1129 Active Member

    don't worry its 2.3 but i don't remember if it has wifi calling
  5. Sinistra

    Sinistra Active Member

    I am running trigger by EDT Dev I really like it. uses the CM7 framework but still good

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