Which video format does mytouch supportsSupport

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  1. sailorruby

    sailorruby Member

    Other than 3gp

  2. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    Mp4 I watch several movies on this phone. I usuallly download ipod,psp or zune formats and I have never had an issue
  3. Jnoc

    Jnoc Active Member

    Get Rock Player, it plays a lot of different types of video including avi. No need to convert anything.
  4. On mobile device "always" use MP4 format just make sure the media you have is specially encode for the device you view it in. Below is HD profile for MT4G.

  5. Austin2048

    Austin2048 Active Member

    Does anyone know of a good app that will smoothly run 720p .mkv files with subtitles?

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