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  1. BiggShooter

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    May 4, 2010
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    I am able to connect my Droid Incredible (via WI-FI) to my home network and browse the internet on my phone without any issues or problems. I am running a secure network with a password and only allowing certain mac addresses accessing my home network.

    When I'm away from home and attempt to use my Droid Incredible (via WI-FI) at work or a public place (Culvers / Coffee Shop / ect), I cannot browse the interent on my phone. It does show that I am connected however, my phone will not function like it does when I'm connected to my home network. My workplace is a secure network and it is set up correctly on my phone. At one time, I was able to connect my Droid Incredible (via WI-FI) to my workplace network and any public unsecure network (Culvers / Coffee Shop / ect.).

    Just wondering if there are some settings that got messed up that I am only able to connect to my home network using WI-FI.

    Hoping someone can offer up some troubleshooting solutions.



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