WiFi and Cell signal bars at same time causing battery drain?Support

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    Apr 1, 2012
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    I'm confused. When I had my GS2 and I connected to a wifi network, the phone bars would disconnect because I was using WiFi.

    With my new GS3, the WiFi is connected, with a strong signal, and still I have phone bars showing and they vary depending on phone signal strength.

    I'm having trouble with battery drain which I did not experience the first 2 1/2 weeks of owning the phone and I'm beginning to wonder if the fact the phone signal is on the same time as the WiFi could possibly be playing a part in it.

    My old GS2 would have me connected one way or the other, not both and I had simply amazing battery life on that phone...prior to the ICS downgrade.

    I have also noticed while at work, where we have a strong WiFi signal, my phone will constantly come up with roaming alerts. Why would it do this when I have WiFi with a strong signal? My old GS2 did not do this, ever while I was at work. I am in a strong Sprint signal area while outside of work, but inside the signal is more 'iffy' which makes me glad I can connect using WiFi.

    There just seems to be something to this. Shouldn't my cell signal turn off once connected to WiFi? Why would both be on?


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