Won't go past Location consent page

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  1. i have a huawei ascend m860 from cricket it's modded with incarnus cm7 titanium back clock mod pro z4 root i recently deleted all the things i didn't need but i also accidently wiped the whole phone :mad: and now the phone won't go past the location consent screen so i need to download all the factory operating systems can any one help me with this and a list of things i'll need to do step by step. plz and thank you :eek:

  2. also i have windows everything and go applications for everything could this be the problem and when i plug the ohne into the computer it's start up program is empty so i need a list of the factory operating systems and a list of where to get them plz and ty
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  4. it also say (process com.huawei.updata) not update:mad::mad::mad:

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