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  • hey i was wondering if u knew of a fix for the "shell game" the clockworkmod recovery for the gnex. everytime i flash a new rom it creates a new /0/sdcard directory and wont let me access the previous backup without going in via windows to pull the recovery images to the main "sdcard" root clockworkmod folder. it really sucks and makes backup/restore a pain.
    HI, thanks for responding to my wifi problem with the Pantech P8000. First, I did root successfully after the gingerbread upgrade. Since then, I have re'installed' with all kinds of recovery.img. I wish I could get the original stock rom which is non-existent. I will still try your advice and see how it goes. Should you come across the stock rom for the device, I would appreciate it. francis
    That episode actually creeps me out! :eek: Though the scene where Leonard is driving "Sheldon" to work is hilarious. And when Raj asks (through Howard of course) "When did he put a ramp in?" I'm not gonna say yet which 3 I consider the best epis, because I'll probably ask that question again. :laugh: ;D
    I did see that, yep. Sadly not a cola fan, though. If it didn't have that Pepsi logo, I could pretend it was root beer. :( :laugh:
    Meh 2 gig, cycle just started though, still think im going to have to try harder, i backed off off for a day to see if i may have actually had 4g in my area, still no...saga continues
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