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  • Um... welcome. And thanks for everything helpful and related to pertaining issues. Of course I'm loving my stay here! It's an awesome community. Thank you!
    whuddup homie? ya know, the GS3 stuff as of yet is quite slim pickins. I havent found much in the way of a thorough guide to roms, kernels, recoveries etc etc for the S3 ESPECIALLY in comparison to the OGEvo. But then again, im not sure if thats a fair comparison, as there are exponentially more Evo users than S3 users even betond the fact that its a 2+ yr old phone. Ill poke around and see what all i can find and also see if i can get guide access back as the S3 are is in dire need of some organizational/leadership skillz. This forum is a discordant mess... I get why i was taken off the guide guild when i was just an evo user (there are other people who post far more than i do in there), but for there to be ZERO regulars who troll the S3 forum is not acceptable, and despite my infrequency of posts, I think I could add some sense to the chaos. Now that im off my soapbox, what are you looking for specifically? A rom? Kernel? a recovery? the reincarnated baby jesus? your keys?
    Hi i have similar problem with wifi as you. Could you tell me have you decision on this problem.
    Sorry for my English
    Thanks ndh777! See you around the evo world!
    (and maybe again in the computer section ;))
    do you have any information on what the heck am i suppose to do with this tablet?, i mean i'm clueless...really
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