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  • I rooted, unlocked the bootloader, and loaded Synergy as my first ROM. I know that folks hate skins, but I really like some of the features of this Touchwiz interface. Just a bunch of extras that I'm finding that are very useful to me (ex. ability to have a call block list). If you start digging in the menus, you'll find all kinds of cool settings. Gonna make a go at another case in a few minutes. Which color device did you go with?
    LOL awesome! Yeah I bought a $9 diztronic tpu case totally worth it and very thin.

    Let me know what ROM you go with as your first one :)

    This screen is awesome on this phone! And it's much more fun to use than the GN imo!
    I did do it :) and did lose unlim data. I heard about the bootloader unlock and I've just recently moved to a location where the GN wasn't cutting it as for reception (data drops and call drops). I love it I think it's a much nicer phone. The cell radio reception is much better than the GN. The battery life is also better. The screen is nicer as well. It's not as smooth as the GN with a JB rom, but that will be fixed shortly as development for the sgs3 will start to get really good now that the bootloader has been unlocked. The 3 lines on our account have never gone over 2GB of data per month. So I got the 6GB plan and now our bill is $20 cheaper, but we did lose unlimited data. Looking forward to rooting it, hopefully by this wknd!
    Understand. I have been a mod on a few forums of the past and I ended up doing nothing but moving posts, merging, deleting, issuing infractions, etc. Not a whole of lot of time to enjoy the forums...
    Haha :) Nope, you haven't gone mad. I was a Mod up until today. Just don't have the time to do the job anymore.
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