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  • Hey Hey. That word is very deep. Haha.
    I stole a number from a friend who moved to another country.
    I only pay $45 on Boost with insurance on my S3. ^_~
    Slammed my old phone in a car door. Evo V was out of stock at Best Buy, and the Victory was 199 on sale. So I gave it a shot. Replaced the screen on my Evo V, so I might or might not re-activate it. I miss flashing ROM's.
    Hey was wondering if you can help. I was looking for gapps and your page was not there but i took the files that showed up from the search and installed it on my triumph.
    it was /devs/Bloodawn/MIUI/Marquee bef25cb82b7f61a3bd3eeaad68ca6f73.
    Hey, I've been using Facebook from the market and I haven't had any problems with it, or the camera. I saw the bug posts over at sdx. The only problem I've had with this ROM is I get occasional 3g drops. Can't wait for the wifi fix.
    Hey, I didn't want to clutter up your thread. Do you know how I can get my text to be white for the transparent messenger? Thanks in advance.
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