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  • Can you pay it forward with a google+ invite? Thanks in advance ljmichael76@gmail.com
    Hey Ben, Question about Evo as your Internet Provider. I have Qwest DSL at my new address here in Phoenix(cox is not available for some reason here). they offered 1.5M but unfortunately after setup can only allow me 500Kbps!!! at $40 a month.. I bought the Evo hotspot ($30 plan) and obviously it's 1.2+ with speed ..

    How has the usage been with just having your Evo as your internet? Does it disconnect after a long period of hours? what about streaming Netflix through it or multiple devices to share the Internet? I would like to cancel the Qwest, but thinking how well this would work without that as a backup..

    From what I was told yesterday from my Manager at work, 4G is in Phoenix but only on the Verizon network which he has. Sprint hasn't setup theirs yet.
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