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  • I have a Huawei IDEOS google android phone model U8150 running android 2.2 and it is rooted.

    I had a important file with LOTS of login info that i accidentally deleted. The file was created with the default android program "Note Pad". This program is minimalistic, no options to save in a specific area or as a file type (i.e. as a .txt file). I accidentally
    erased this file and i need to get it back.
    I purchased 2 different programs. #1 Undelete for Root Users from Fahrbot Mobile as well as #2 Hexamob Recovery Lite. Both give the option to scan the SD card and they find nothing.And i think that this notepad saves files to the internal memory, not the SD. do you know if i can somehow IMAGE the internal memory on an android OS phone? i have not yet re-booted the phone and i was thinking maybe i could somehow IMAGE the entire phone. is there a super duper forensic phone app that can do this? The accidental delete happened today, and i have yet to turn off the phone THANKS!
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