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  • Just wanted to say thanks for the Corsair theme. It is simply perfect ! I'd downloaded it to my SD card a while ago, and re-discovered it after re-flashing backside. Glad i did, too, because i just might not have gotten the chance to try it out otherwise. Good stuff good stuff :-D
    Just wanted to say Congrats on your new job and enjoy your family! See ya in Forum Games! :D
    Just saw the post on guide stat...I'm always late to find out one thing or another. Slow down, enjoy the family, take time to smell the roses...'just watch out for those dog gone thorns'!
    You're a huge part of the OpV community and you help out more than know. Your name doesn't need to be green for everyone to appreciate everything you do. ;)
    Had to step down as a guide, I had bit off more than I could chew and I was spread way too thin. Don't worry, I'll still help out as much as I can!
    I'm not sure either...probably had to do with the hunger/brain not working quite right deal that led me to think I was yelling at you in the first place. Consider it a blanket apology for anything I've ever said to you that required one...:D Man, you have way too many visitor messages from some annoying woman...
    I'm sorry I yelled "roll" at you, lol. We're quite touchy about our sandwiches around here & that string made me realize I was hungry & a bit cranky a bit too late...:eek:
    AH, Ok, thanks. I'm no longer going crazy. :) You are now in my sig, however badly done...was too lazy to make it pretty.
    What does the text at the bottom of your avatar say, bro? It's been driving me nuts forever. :D
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