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  • Sorry starfish, its been sold. For future when I sell my devices, please respond in the thread too so I get a notification. I will have a D1 and Droid PRO soon for sale. Both in mint condition.
    Just like a computer, each phone is different. Some can only go to 710 for stable. I have a friend that cant go higher or it becomes unstable. No big difference from 768 to 806. Maybe .2 or .3 in linpack scores. Just bragging rights. :)
    hey man I was just curious why only select eris's can oc to 806? if u have any idea? lol personally I can go up to 768 before a reboot but 710 is solid so I stay there...
    lol, by no means am i. I am currently running Aloysius v11 MAPS tweaked to my likings with my theme (Kevlar Mash, which can be found in root section). Once I get a replacement SDCARD, since mine died, I will be checking out ELB as I hear good things about it.
    i heard your kinda like an eris stud around these parts, if you don't mind me askin what rom you runnin ?
    See my first reply to find out how to download them. To use then you will need BetterCut, its an app that allows you to create shortcuts and change the name and icon.
    Look to the right in my profile, there is a link for custom icons and Eris wallpaper. Eventually there will be 2 links for custom icons because there will be to many
    You can download them a few different ways. If you are browsing on your phone, long press on any of the icons and save. If your on a computer, right click any of them and save to your HD ... the you will need to move them to your phone using USB, WiFi, or FTP.
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