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  • hi, really liked the icons, I used about 5-6 of them and they look great. I was wondering if you could make a couple icons for some shortcuts i have that i haven't seem to find anything good enough out there. one is a folder full of news apps like AP, Fox, CNN, BBC. etc. the best ive seen are just cheesy newspaper icons. i dont mind a newspaper theme just everything ive seen is just some old newspaper icon

    another would be a basic sprint icon for some sprint related stuff and bookmarks.

    last would be one similar to your mlb icon but instead using the major league gaming logo, to put all my gaming related apps. you can see what the logo looks like here. thanks for the icons you've already made, hope you can help me out
    Excellent icon set. Although I haven't used them yet (my phone arrives tomorrow!), it would be most appreciated if you zipped/winrar'd them and provided a link. I couldn't possibly click this one at a time =)
    Very Nice Icon Set. Used them to outfit my LauncherPro home config. Nicely done, thank you.
    Question please, you have so many movies on your phone at 300 to 500 mbs. I was wondering what settings you used when changing the format? I used dvdfab and formatted Outlander but when I was done it was 937 mbs. I used the iphone/ipod settings per OTD. Just wondering where I went wrong?
    Ah, when it comes to apps, I never pay. I know, Im a cheap-ass, lol Ill still keep these just incase something else comes along that is free. Thanks for quick repsonse and some kick ass icons
    DUH! Im a dummy. Then how do I use these custom icons on my phone? And do I just save them as .png's? Sorry, prob stupid question again.
    Do you know if the otter box comes with a belt clip?
    with the holiday and all i didnt even get to add it....ugh! i might give it a shot tonight...been crazy busy
    cool is you dont mind shooting it over when you get around to it? chase

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