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  • I held in the volume button when I turned on my san francisco but a white square with the black letters "FTM" appeared. How do I actually reboot it?I really need my phone :/ x
    Could I just ask. When the big Android comes up when you reboot how long do you normally have to wait?
    I've downloaded the wrong one I think. I downloaded the Gen1 to Gen2 all in one. I've downloaded this Ginger Stir Fry Beta 13
    Download: gsf-blade-b13.zip mirror mirror mirror mirror
    Download size: 82.29mb
    MD5: 7be842469c32dbb5ea5527be7bde6025
    SHA1: f1484af10967bae81383e829c3528f7e7aece558
    System size: 119mb

    Is this the correct one?
    Do I need to unzip onto root of my phone or just leave it as a zip on root of my phone?
    If I go back to Ginger Stir Fry. Do I just do what I: Unzip the file to the root of your sdcard, it will create an 'image' folder. Check the integrity of the files using AFV (available from android market) to find the nandroid.md5 file in the image directory, then long press on it & verify nandroid backup. Turn off your phone, leave it for at least 30 seconds, then hold menu & volume + when you power it on. You should see some green text (may be just a blank screen) then it should reboot & you should see a big android while it is performing it's first boot (this will take a while). Once it has successfully started up don't forget to delete the image folder on your sd card, to prevent any accidents.
    I've got a problem. I've downloaded Backbreaker the game but it doesn't start a black screen just comes up then it goes back to homescreen. Any chance you could help?
    I'm currently on the Ginger Blue. And I was trying Battery Calibration and Titanium Backup and they both say that my phone isn't rooted. I'm sure it is cause i was on a custom rom before Gen 2
    Hi, Can I ask this last final question. It says my phone isn't rooted when I do certain things is there anyway I can root it again?
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    I was wondering... how do you Irish view Manhattan? Is it like any other large city like London, Paris, and Tokyo to you guys? To me, Manhattan is just another city. hehe It's definitely one of the iconic cities of the US, like Los Angeles and San Francisco but I guess after living in Los Angeles for so long... Manhattan is just one big city.
    Oh hehe thank you. I don't think I did too much to earn it but am glad nonetheless that I was selected. :)
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