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  • Thanks I will try this once again.

    Thanks for your cooperation and patience with me.

    I m truly thankful.
    but i cannot connect to internet through mass storage mode. and to connect the phone to pc suite it aasks to turn on the PC SUITE MODE. and it can be done through installing the pc suite files on the phone (said the executive).
    please upload them ikunalb@rediffmail.com
    I will be thankful to you
    Thanks for your cooperation. I need the pc suite files. my mail id is ikunalb@rediffmail.com.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hey! Ya... got it resolved. Din use any technique. Flashed my P500 to the LG factory ROM and the BB automatically got downgraded!
    the KDZ never helped....
    Hey mate! Seen many of your posts on the androidforums, and it looks like you have got a lot of tips on solving many issues faced by the P500 users! I would suggest you to start a thread under the trips and tricks section of LGp500 (I dont see anyone who posted a similar kind of in there; and also if it abides with the 'rules' of the forum;)) with all these good piece of information that you share, so that more people will have access to the issues that they face with the fone! Just a suggestion, may be not of ur choice :D
    keep up the good work! Kudos :)
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