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Feb 27, 2020
    1. fPortal
      I have been searching for a while and found a post stating to message you for a possible way to recover from my phone being in a fastboot mode. I am on an LG Esteem. Any Luck of recovering this?

      Thank you
    2. 44Soulja
      sorry to bother you..my esteem is stuck in fastboot mode.. i was wondering if there were files i could download to get me into recovery.. i see theres a solution for the optimus..if i can help you with anything let me know
    3. Zathen
      Hi, do you have the dll file for the optimus m? It looks like -->"ms690.dll" if you do I would appreciate it if you could post it or something along those lines. Thanks.

    4. MyUsernameRox
      Are you still in need of an Optimus M donation? if so, I can send you mine. It's stuck in fastboot mode, how about I donate it to you so you can work with it, if and when you no longer need it can you return it to me? If this is agreeable, please tell me where to send the device.
    5. wrestler101
      can someone please help me with my Optimus M? please
    6. chinotopless
      i hav a lg optimus m+ thats rooted and not is stucked on the lg start up logo.. can u giv me sum help plz.. i really apprciate it... tanx
    7. sammyz
      Yea that's the main problem, they got a working kernel for the optimus v, but that obviously won't work with the M...and then of course wifi, sdcard, gps, idk about microphone...the touchscreen works partially, its calibration is off
    8. sammyz
      Oh yea someone else got your same error and I was unable to do anything, but it could be your computer, try another one. I actually posted that error on your visitor messages below before. If it's not the computer then it must be a really bad brick.

      Oh and what's needed for ICS is a kernel, and that needs to be made with ubuntu or some linux O/S.....I'm horrible with linux, although I do have it all set up to build a kernel, but I didn't set it up, Primed did and I don't know what happened with him, a mod made me OP over his ported ROMs he posted because he didn't maintain it....
    9. sammyz
      Hey man, I'm just wondering, you haven't been around forever, do you plan on doing anything else for our Optimus M's? And if not, is there anything you recommend for me to do for it?
    10. g3abrieland
      Get out of Fastboot Mode
      i fallowed all the instructions but after pasting "fastboot erase boot" it stays stuck in < waiting for device > and its been like that for the past 20 minutes.

      the phone version is right, everything else is where is supposed to be installed.

      what am i doing wrong?
    11. sammyz
      what do you do if you get this error when trying to unbrick Optimus M:

      "The number of bad block exceeded limit! Please replace flash"

      It happens after it hits 1%
      I have tried a different .bin file and uninstalled/reinstalled all the files in ur unbrick thread, my phone is fine. I was trying to fix someone elses over the internet while controlling his PC, with his permission of course
    12. AndroidUser234
      hey whats up just thought id say hey your the reason why my optimus m is unbricked :)
    13. slemdroid
      can i root my updated 2.2.2 optimus m using Root 2.2.1 and get Data WORKING!!!...will it work?
    14. slemdroid
      updated phone to 2.2.2 can i use your root guide and reroot?
    15. slemdroid
      plan on trying to root my phone once again....but i do not want to try this unless i know you will be around if i should need help again....i will have all programs on destop, other than the two you had me install to run my computer and view my phone so i need the names or links to them plz....slem_007@yahoo.com if you prefur to email..last time i did everything myself but had a problem on cmd inputs...thats where you saved the day...so im hoping to do this saturday morning and also hoping youll be around....
    16. shambu0211
      I need your help desperately....I have an LG optimus GT540 and i was upgrading to 2.3...I downloaded all d drivers properly but when I open cmd it says "WAITING FOR DEVICE". It doesnt recognise my device....I need ur help...PLEASEEEEEEE...
    17. younglos510
      yo bro idnt wanna be another 1 of those people beggin for some help maybe this is a simple fix. i downgraded 2.2.2 down to 2.2.1 rooted and installed flash recovery but when i boot it its black screen. need some help bro =D
    18. shakes21
      I need some HELP... phone is Stuck in fastboot mode started
    19. iCHAO
      Stuck.. Please help..
    20. playeraceves
      hey. i have an lg optimus m and i used rom manager. it now shows fastboot mode started udc_start (). could you help me out
    21. randylauj
      Hey. I have a lgOptimus C. I tried to factory reset my phone and as it was rebooting, it stays on the fastboot mode screen. Help me please? Thank you!
    22. tabiikat
      I also need help i used rom manager and my phone is stuck on the lg screen, please help, I would greatly appreciate it!
    23. Skizzy~Sketch
      Hey I Installed ROM Manager On My LG Optimus M, And It Bricked, I Saw In A Forum Post That You Could Help Me? Please Do If You Can.
    24. srhscott
      hi i was trying to get my lg optimus m unbricked but i cant get the stock rom file to show up in lgnppst if you can help that would be great
    25. 1iwilly
      i want to keep my stock rom cause the way i have it. but i want to add a couple of features from your sense rom how do i get livewallpaper.apk and LiveWallpapersPicker.apk
      to work i move them over to sd card then with room explorer i installed them but when i execute the program it says error force to close.?? also i want to add your start up screen too.??i even move the wallpaper.apk to system/app still no luck thanks jose
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