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  • adb push aboot.bin /sdcard/aboot.bin
    adb push stockrecoverymod.img /sdcard/stockrecoverymod.img
    adb shell
    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/abootorg.bin
    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 of=/sdcard/recoveryorg.img
    dd if=/sdcard/aboot.bin of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
    dd if=/sdcard/stockrecoverymod.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17
    reboot recovery
    Ultimately, im hoping recovery has been figured out, and maybe you might have access to full guides or threads, ect, so maybe i could figure it out as wel

    BB Ver:




    Ive collected as much of the little scraps of info as i can, and still book marking hella info.
    Also when i first open the flash tool, it says milky way connection fail, please check milky way equipment status, any thoughts of why that happens?
    yeah it resets and boots up and stays on lg screen then momentarily the flash tool says fail "we cant communicate with specific port"
    Good afternoon, im currently trying to utilize the lg flash tool and everytime it arrives at 80% the phone restarts and the omap4330 keep poping up and closing and saying device unplug then the flash tool says "we cant communicate with specific port" may you please help me, im at a desperate position right now :/
    Figured I'd ask too if you have a copy of the T-Mobile KDZ or a working link. The link just takes me to a blank LG page.
    Alright thanx sammyz i will give it a shot later on. I wont risk bricking my phone will I? I wish u had this phone! lol
    Hey Sammyz, sorry to bother u with a question about a phone u probably don't have but i searched everywhere for rooting my metro pcs l70 (ms323) and can't find a method. its because on metro pcs's version when we try to reboot into recovery it boots but then it skips to reboot phone. Damn metro and thier security. it reminds me of the motion b4 2nd init. Do u know of a solution or know of a way around this so we can have root? thank u either which way oudh u do or don't decide to help. Take care! 😊
    Hey sammyz, your guides have saved my LG Motion dozens of times. I'm an avid modder/tweaker, but I don't develop. Thank you for all you've put into the community!
    Could you point me please to the video for the LG spirit unbricking, been at it for 2.5 days and not real sure what I'm doing wrong!! Thank you
    someone led me to you on the zte avail 2. many want a couple of roms for this phone. i myself want to see what this phone can really do. and i see we need an unbrick guide for this phone if things go south. i will test any rom you make for the avail 2. but hopefully the forum for the roms for the avail 2 will work as a starting point
    hopefully you get to read this your help is very much appreciated i saw that your inbox was full so i put my message on pastebin for sammyz -
    can you text me or messege me? my skype is miss.deemer, kik is deftonet, or yahoo messenger under i wanted to chat with you about unlocking the lg motion
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