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  • I saw that you posted in the galaxy exhibit forum. will you be doing any dev work on this phone? I have this phone now and would love to have someone help make this phone better. i never have gotten around to learning how to do the things that you do like deodexing and making roms and themes.
    Yo big L... Do you mind bring your kick ass skills over to the motion 4g lounge i would love to have #2 ported for the motion the roms for this phone will never be as good and #2 or if you don't mind me palying with it to see if someone can port it for the motion...but would rather have you..
    Hey Man, my phone is fried... am I on vv3 but I keep getting this error every 7 seconds. It says "Sorry! The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again!" I think I have lost my 4G settings or something. I can turn off the 4G using an app called 4G Toggle and switch it to CDMA only and the error stops but then I only get EV... I have tried flashing vv3 over and over but I still get that same damn error (with vv3). I then flashed it using vv5 and it works and I flashed it using zva and it works but flashing vv3 (which I can root and which I need) and vv4 I get that damn error. Been messing with this for about 15 hours now. This error just popped up about 2 days ago but 3 days before that I had installed Rocket Dialer but I took that off and it ran fine for like 2 days, then boom! I have this error constantly popping up! Ahhhhh! Do you know of any way to fix this?
    Hey Bro, how you doing? Can you take a look at these threads and see if you can help me fix my problem? Check out all my posts, my user name is zandersig.... This is effin' driving me crazy!!! This one http://androidforums.com/connect-4g-all-things-root/720459-how-install-recovery-clockwork-touch-5-8-3-1-ms840-img.html

    and this one... http://androidforums.com/connect-4g-all-things-root/722128-error-in-cwm.html

    Do you think you could ask PG to help also? I'm ready to smash this phone with a freakin' sledgehammer! This is the problem I am having.... http://androidforums.com/connect-4g-all-things-root/720459-how-install-recovery-clockwork-touch-5-8-3-1-ms840-img.html#post5856611

    and here also....

    yo i kno u dont got alot of testers for the number #2 rom well im up usually very late i can test releases anytime you need me to message me if you would like my help
    Can I flash beta5 over beta2 of the #2 ROM for connect? I only see the 2 links but the instructions look like there should be some fixes I should be flashing as well
    i tore res-cap apart yesterday (the one from #2 1.5 theme only) and i couldnt find that image. I was expecting it to be a separate graphic (the hand print) from the lockscreen. So by your advice am i to take it that the handprint is imprinted on the transparent lockscreen in ONE graphic?
    what up? could you give me the quick and dirty on how to take that charging image of the bloody handprint from #2 1.5 and KEEP it on my stock lockscreen all the time?
    Hey i got some ideas for a rom. it might be good for a theme.. but it could be a nice look for like #2 v3..
    YOU sr. Are my frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriend, :) even if you never text me anymore, btw your on my list of donations, PG had to come first but you are next, case of beer and dinner?
    Dude my status bar won't work and I ready need it. Also I can't here the Reboot wound and the power off sound.
    Do you have a copy of a "Virgin ZVD" with only the MetroPCS bloatware removed. I looked at one but has all the "bloatware" on it.

    Thanks :)
    hey ldrifta I've been theming a lot on my phone, I think I've theme some extra things that I haven't seen other themers do but I can't seem to find the files to change/edit the icons on the pulldown bar . by any chance do you know where they're located ?
    hey bro the guy who gave me all the info for the camera said u can use the 1080p if u want nothing bad would happen but yea any updates bro?
    get 'rom toolbox' from play store and find the build.prop tweaks/edits section, should find it in there :D
    Hello, in your new 1.5 rom. it says if you want to overclock i have to change the build prop from 1 to 2? can you please tell me how to do that as i OC all the time..

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