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  • Thanks brother I have to tweak some things but will give that 1.8 zvd a try as well.
    Actually looking at your first message that is pretty good battery life. 10 hrs on your stock battery blows mine away(I think it is at end of life). A few ways to try and save additional juice is to use Gemini App Manager or ROM Toolbox and disable the auto-runs for the majority of user installed apps.
    Most are set to start-up when the phone boots up every time. Why have them running if we are not using them?
    I always let Gmail,Google Store(Market),and the Messanger Stock app run whenever they want.
    Just remember before you start changing some of the settings make a backup in recovery first. Hopes this helps you!
    Hey mike just saw your message..bout ready to go crash..but will hit you up in the am and give you some tips to try and help your battery life :)
    I used to live in New jersey perth Amboy exit 11 of the Turnpike good deal bro are you a one of the Devs?
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