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  • Hello, mikedt. It's been awhile, but I just wanted to check in with my fave British ex-pat. Be well, brother.

    Hello Mr. Mike, My Huawei Honor 4a can't install apps, no matter what i do it just says 'apps not installed'..i have even tried factory reset..i still couldn't install a single app, not even China apps..pls help urgently
    check my latest post regarding itunes and android devices. I think I figured it out.
    THANKS for all your help.
    Hi, could you please help me change the country or region on my Samsung S4(GT19505). i purchased this phone in Australia and moved to india few months back. iam not able to download any local apps on this phone. Your reply would be of great help for me. TIA.
    Hi Mile.
    I have an axcelle ax l3 note unfortunately i am stuck on boot loop And have no bcakup oh any kind.
    The phone is mt6515 sc 6820 device which was on ics 2.3 moded to look like 4.1
    Could you please find me a rom suitable for this phone. a little more info. 218mb ram 1ghz cortex a-5 processor 5inch screen 854*480 screen pls help
    Yes, I am a teacher. I think I want to ultimately have 2 tablets. A 10" version that has a pretty good screen and wifi to watch movies, skype, qq, and surf the web - either while in bed or on a train, in a plane, no, I will not eat green eggs and ham, Sam I am...wait, sorry for the mix up in story. I think if I can find an older tablet with 2.x or 3.x I will be ok. But for the second tablet, I want it to be tricked out and able to do anything and everything - probably the 7" Google tablet because of the slight advantage in portability. I plan on starting graduate work soon, and I hope the tablet will be one of the most efficient and effective tools in my arsenal.
    You say in your signature: "There are nine million tailors in Hong Kong."

    Rather remarkable, with a (2011, World Bank reported) population of somewhat over 7 million.

    Such exaggerations, in my humble opinion, somewhat detract from your Android statements, if you'll forgive my saying so please.
    u30gt version h: Yup, Chinese version of Android, no Google, no Facebook, no Twitter. You've probably got Baidu, QQ and Weibo instead.

    I have the above tablet, do you know how I can get the proper english android version that will allow me to install whatever I want? Thank
    Hello Mike,

    I am living in Beijing and recently bought an Android phone from China Mobile. I wonder if you have a way to use Google Maps with it, any idea? also, i asked a chinese colleague to flash my phone and get root access to deinstall renren, kaishin and so on and get my access to google mail and others. am i now in danger of attracting viruses ?

    thanks a lot in advance
    hi mike ... 你好
    im in beijing right now , but stuck with china mobile .... theres a lot of hanzi in simcard tool ... and im unable to find gprs / 3g subscribe menu... do you have any experience with this ?
    your avatar! when i was in beijing this summer i saw him EVERYWHERE. never did see the cartoon on TV tho :(
    Can you "please" tell me where to download Kies from? I am going crazy, spending days, trying to get something that downloads.
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