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  • Sporting an ever-dependable LG V30 ( LGH932) Unrooted, stock firmware, with vector-point satellite Nanoband connections
    Rocking a Bloat-Free, battery-replaced, custom Motorola Moto X Pure 2015 edition with a new charging port, yummy Nougat, and hacks galore
    Rocking a Bloat-Free Motorola Moto X Pure 2015 edition, with help from the gang! Thanks all!
    No I havent. Most of the time that only comes up if the app isnt legit. Ive had no issues with anything on the market tho except for PG changing the density on the GSE to 220 which I just changed back to 240. Try deleting all the data out of the market and see if that helps. Really I dont know what else except contacting Google or the dev of the app.
    Just a all-(cuban) American guy looking for truth, and an easier way to downgrade my new LG esteem to ZVB
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