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  • Hey rbheromax, i thought i could figure out why cm11 was having the issues it did on the lg volt but kept running into errors and wondered if you could help out at the lg volt forum. we got cm11 to boot but the rom has a data/radio error, i thought of you since you helped out on the galaxy ring a while ago, thanks for that, and will be very thankful if you can get the cm11 fully operational
    Hey rbheromax can you dump a stock rom for the virgin mobile desire 510, make it a flashable zip and send me a link??? My desire took a crap while testing a custom rom i made. Also are you gonna make any custom kernel for this phone? Im loving it so far i just want to fix it. One last thing. Look into the virgin mobile lg tribute. I did some cool stuff to it without even havin root.
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    Umm.....can you hangouts me?
    I can't seem to root it lol. I unlocked the bootloader but twrp doesnt work for me (boots but i cant select anything, it just vibrates)
    Hey dude, just wanted to let you know that i posted the zip of the rom I ported like you asked. Just i case you didn't see it. Hope this helps!
    Hey I am running your kernal and I have to say it is working wonders. I just wanted to let you know that I have a galaxy ring and will test any roms you make for my phone.
    hey I can't seem to flash my Galaxy Ring, or the changes don't stick or what idk. Does it need to be rooted to flash via ODIN or cwm?
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