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  • i love velocity 1.1 i have a channel on youtube lgallyperson go check out my videos thanks.
    just out of curiosity, u ever dev for the droid 2? would love to see something like velocity on the droid.
    I noticed that through twitter you announced that the RC for V 1.1 is ready. Where might I find the download link for this?
    I currently have an LG Apex with the orig. rom on it, 2.1. It only has like 107mb device mem. that isn't enough for the apps. I want to install. I'm wanting to have my apps. moved to the sd card.. well the ones that can be safely moved anyways so that I'll have more space for more.

    I was wondering if you could help me out? I'm wanting to not break my phone either so I'd like to somehow back it up.

    I already have a topic posted, and snapper.fishes told me to ask you about a rom for my phone, I guess there's one for the Ally, and I'm wondering it it'll work on my apex?

    So if you could help me upgrade my phone to a different os or something so I can install more apps that'd be great!

    I like listening to music on my phone, and I have the volume as loud as it can go, but that still isn't loud enough! Wondering if you know of a way to have it louder?

    Thanks a lot!
    You said in your guide to getting FroYo (2.2.1) on the Ally..

    2. Open the SDK and then run SDK Manager.exe as an Administrator to set it up for use. You'll need to grab the following packages from within:
    -Android SDK Tools, Revision 8
    -Android SDK Platform-tools, Revision 1
    -Google USB Driver package, Revision 4

    I downloaded the SDK manager but in the file choosing system, it says "Android SDK Tools, Revision 9,"
    "Android SDK Platform-tools, Revision 2,"
    and has no Google USB Driver package.

    Is this a problem? I haven't tried anything and I'm on your Velocity 0.4 rom as of now.
    Hey. Is there anyway I can add a donate button to my signature and if so how? I attempted to add a paypal donate button but keep getting "too many character" or "too many lines" errors.
    Aye I wasn't trying to steal yours nor saviox hard work I was only curios to try and learn new things about changing themes or even developing one, meant no harm or disrespect to you your team or death
    Thought I would try this... Willing to give that Droid 2 to me for the Eris and a 25 dollar ebay card? It would make my day and you would feel warm and fuzzy inside!
    thank you for the fast response is there anyway i could get my phone back to normal then cause i was planning on using rom manager to just flash it back to the stock rom im a hugee fan of rom manager i hate to hear that your dropping it but i guess u have you reasons but if you could help me out on how to flash it back to stock i would really appreciate it thanks trey
    in recovery mode and it does not show velocity 0.4 as a zip file... is this normal?

    (it has a / at the end)
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