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T-Mobile's Get Out of the Red event makes it easy for Verizon customers to switch

T-Mobile is launching a new promotional event they've dubbed Get Out of the Red. On May 31st, Verizon customers can walk into any T-Mobile store with a Pixel or iPhone and make the switch and keep their device.

Camera Battle: HTC U11 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8

GSM Arena has posted a new camera shootout between the HTC U11 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Surprisingly, the HTC U11 camera seems to perform almost as well as the Galaxy S8.

Samsung's new Gear 360 arrives May 25th for $229

The newest Samsung Gear 360 camera is slated to arrive in the US tomorrow, May 25th. The camera will be sold online and in stores at Best Buy and Amazon, while carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular will also offer it. The launch price is $229, which is significantly cheaper than the $350 launch price of the original.

OnePlus 5 CEO hints at fingerprint scanner on front of device

A new fan post on Weibo asked for details about the OnePlus 5, with the OnePlus CEO responding to a question about the fingerprint scanner being on the front of the device for the OnePlus 5.

Samsung update to fix Galaxy S8 connectivity issues on the way

Some Samsung Galaxy S8 users have been reporting Bluetooth connectivity issues, which a new update rolling out today aims to fix.

Sony won't be releasing and Xperia X or X Compact sequel

In a new investor presentation detailed by the company, Sony has outlined plans to discontinue its Premium lines of phones, which included last year's Xperia X and X Compact.

Android Nougat for LG V10 is now available

A few months ago LG promised to update the LG V10 to Android Nougat. That update has arrived today, but only in the company's home country of South Korea. No word on when the update will be available to the rest of the world.

Comcast tries to shut down pro-net neutrality site

Comcast has sent a cease-and-desist notice to a pro-net neutrality site called Comcastroturf.com, which is dedicating to outlining how net neutrality benefits us all. Comcast says the site violates its valuable intellectual property.

Farming Simulator 18 heading to Android on June 6

Farming sim fans can pick up the latest version of Farming Simulator on Android starting on June 6th. A new trailer was released for the game, showcasing some of the new features.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Motorola phones with this tool

MotoReaper is a tool designed to help you bypass factory reset protection on several Motorola devices. The creators say this works on most versions of Android, but 7.1 has not been tested yet.

Get the stock Android navigation keys on your Galaxy S8

While Samsung has finally opted for on-screen navigation buttons, they did so with the usual Samsung flair. If you don't like these icons and would prefer the default Android shapes, XDA Developers has an app that will do just that.

Samsung ranks tenth in Forbes’ list of world’s most valuable brands for 2017

Forbes has released its list of the most valuable brands in the world for 2017, which sees Samsung taking the tenth spot. In number one is Apple, followed by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Coco-Cola, Amazon, Disney, Toyota, and McDonald's.

Deal: Save 20% off the Amazon Echo Dot, only $39.99

Amazon has a great deal on the Amazon Echo Dot, dropping the price down to just $39.99. That's an extremely cheap way to get in on the personal assistant craze if you haven't already.

Asus Zenfone Live now available in India

The Asus Zenfone Live is now available in India with a starting price of around $155 USD and availability in three colors. The phone's biggest feature is its real-time blemish correction for livestreams.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 may land in India on July 23

The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 could be heading to India on July 23rd, according to Xiaomi India. The phone is rumored to feature a 6.44" Full HD display powered by a Snapdragon 626 chipset with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 5,000mAh battery.

PayPal sues Pandora over confusing logo similarities

PayPal has sued Pandora for its new logo design, which it says is too similar to PayPal's logo. PayPal collected social media feedback from hundreds of users complaining about the similarity to convince Pandora to change their logo privately, but have resorted to a lawsuit since Pandora refused to change it.

SK Telecom and Samsung win Infrastructure Innovation Award

Samsung and SK Telecom have been awarded an Infrastructure Innovation Award for their successful verification of 5G mobile handover in an urban outdoor environment.

Motorola's first phone with dual rear cameras is the Moto G5S Plus

Leaked renders have revealed that the mid-range Moto G5S Plus will feature dual rear cameras on the back.

Galaxy S9 reportedly codenamed ‘Star’ as development begins early

A new report from a Korean outlet says Samsung has chosen the codename Star for the Galaxy S9. Development of the device has begun about four months ahead of schedule.

Facebook's latest journalism fix connects users with local news

Facebook is experimenting with ways to connect users to local news to help combat the spread of fake news using the network. These new initiatives allow moderators of communty-linked Facebook groups to add dynamically populated local stories to their pages.

Google's Cast notification can finally be disabled

Google's Chromecast enabled devices have had cast options enabled for any device that can see it, which meant private casting wasn't possible in a group setting. Google has changed that today.

PSA: You can set your Google Assistant 'preferred input' to the keyboard

A Reddit user has found a new setting in Google Assistant which allows you to set the default input method when Assistant is activated.

Google Opinion Rewards arrives in India, Singapore, and Turkey

The Google Opinion Rewards application has launched in three new countries - India, Singapore, and Turkey - and gives users in those areas to gain some free Play credit for answering surveys.

This Magisk Module lets you enable Doze for Google Play Services

Normally, you're not allowed to let Doze shut down the Google Play Services application, but a new Magisk Module will actually let you do that so you can save some battery life.

APK for version 5.2 of Google Voice is now available

Someone has uploaded version 5.2 of Google Voice to APK Mirror. As of right now though, there isn't a changelog that is available for this update.