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These tips can help your phone from overheating when using it for VR

Using a smartphone for VR experiences is incredibly taxing on the hardware and it can quickly lead to your phone getting very hot. To combat this, VR Heads has a few tips to combat this such as turning on do not disturb mode, closing extra applications, not using the Gear VR cover and more.

This is what you can do with Edge Sense on the HTC U11

Many have been wondering what the squeezing gesture of the HTC U11 is capable of and Android Authority has you covered. This new feature will let you launch the camera, voice assistant, an application, take a screenshot, toggle the flashlight start a voice recording and more.

Coffee Stain Studios publishes Goat Simulator PayDay in the Play Store for $5

The latest entry in the Goat Simulator series is modeled after the PayDay franchise. Titled Goat Simulator PayDay, the game will cost you $5 and it is said to be the most criminally realistic goat simulation yet.

Facebook announced their Instant Articles platform will support Google AMP and Apple News

Facebook's Instant Articles platform had a lot of traction when it was first announced, but has since been engulfed by others such as Google AMP and even Apple News. So today the company has announced the Instant Articles SDK Extension now supports Google AMP and will soon support Apple News.

The latest SuperSU update asks for some additional permissions

If you go to update your SuperSU application from the Play Store, you may notice that it's asking for permissions to things like location, photos, WiFi connection etc. Chainfire has said this is for bug reporting and analytics, but even those permissions seem excessive at first. Then again, this is an application that manages SU access, so it...

Motorola says the 2nd generation Moto 360 should start getting Android Wear 2.0 today

The Motorola Support Twitter page replied to a tweet earlier today that says the 2nd generation Moto 360 could get Android Wear 2.0 "possibly as early as today."

Microsoft renames streaming platform and releases Android app

Microsoft has renamed its streaming platform Beam to Mixer, alongside which comes a beta Android app for testing the streaming service.

Lyft Lux new service challenges Uber Black in several cities

Lyft has announced their Lux service will launch in New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Chicago. The service is meant to challenge Uber Black, offering a service tier higher than Lyft Premier.

One lawsuit over the LG Nexus 5X bootloop issue has been dropped

The lawsuit filed by Chimicles & Tikellis LLP over the LG Nexus 5X bootloop issue has been dropped. That is different than the ongoing case filed by Girard Gibbs LLP, which is still ongoing.

Possible May 30th reveal for the Essential phone

The official Essential Twitter account has teased an announcement for May 30th, which some speculate could be the announcement of the Essential phone.

What you need to know about the Cloak & Dagger exploit

The cloak and dagger exploit is a new type of attack that can be used to hijack your phone if you're not careful. Android Central outlines everything you need to know about the exploit and how to avoid it.

OnePlus 3T is being discontinued soon

If you want to snag a OnePlus 3T, now is the time to do so as there are only a few units left. OnePlus says once stock runs out, they're not going to restock it.

How to customize your Wear 24 watch

Verizon has released a short video explaining how to customize the Wear 24 smartwatch. The watch debuted earlier this month for $350 off-contract.

Crazy Taxi Classic is currently free in the Google Play Store

Sega has made Crazy Taxi Classic available for free on the Google Play Store for a limited time. The Dreamcast title has been remastered for mobile play.

New Alto update brings integrated calendars and Alexa support

AOL's Alto email client has gotten an update to support Amazon's Alexa service, so you can compose email with your voice.

Magikarp Jump is the latest Pokemon training game

If Pokemon Go is a little to on the go for you, Magikarp Jump is a new pokemon-themed game that plays more like a Tamagotchi-style take care of pets game.

AccuWeather gets all new Android TV app

AccuWeather's hyper local weather forecasts are now available on Android TV. The app is free to use, but does contain in-app purchases.

Intel will offer Thunderbolt 3 standard royalty-free

Intel has announced it has plans to offer the Thunderbolt 3 spec to third-party partners royalty-free.

Study finds you’re more rational on a smartphone than on a PC

A new study suggests that the device we use to connect and chat with people on the internet can have an effect on us. Smartphone users are more likely to make a rational decision, while PC users rely on intuitive emotional decision making.

IFTTT's free maker tier lets anyone create and share recipes

IFTTT is opening its API to any developers who are interested in creating shortcuts that use more than the simple 'if this, then that' programming that the masses use.

Amazon Fire 7 vs Fire HD 8: Which should you buy?

Android Central has a comparison of the new Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet with its previous offering, the Amazon Fire 7.

Moto X Force gets Android 7.0 Nougat update

The Moto X Force, which was announced back in 2015, is finally getting the Android Nougat update. The rollout will start with Latin America, which means devices in other regions could be getting the update soon.

Lenovo brand name staying despite company reshuffle

The WSJ is reporting that Lenovo's business in China will be split into two groups, a data center group and a consumer division to focus on PC and smart devices separately. This news comes after Lenovo has fallen drastically in sales compared to other smartphone manufacturers.

Deal: Get a black Huawei Watch for only $219

If you're in the market for a new smartwatch, Amazon has the black Huawei Watch for only $219, which is quite a discount from the $399 retail price.

Verizon's ASUS ZenPad Z8 tablet is receiving its Nougat update

Verizon has finally issued an update to the ASUS ZenPad Z8 tablet on its network, bringing it up to Android 7.0 Nougat.