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PSA: You can set your Google Assistant 'preferred input' to the keyboard

A Reddit user has found a new setting in Google Assistant which allows you to set the default input method when Assistant is activated.

Google Opinion Rewards arrives in India, Singapore, and Turkey

The Google Opinion Rewards application has launched in three new countries - India, Singapore, and Turkey - and gives users in those areas to gain some free Play credit for answering surveys.

This Magisk Module lets you enable Doze for Google Play Services

Normally, you're not allowed to let Doze shut down the Google Play Services application, but a new Magisk Module will actually let you do that so you can save some battery life.

APK for version 5.2 of Google Voice is now available

Someone has uploaded version 5.2 of Google Voice to APK Mirror. As of right now though, there isn't a changelog that is available for this update.

New Samsung promotion offers a free DeX station with a Galaxy S8 purchase for T-Mobile @Work

T-Mobile @Work customers can apply to get a free Dex Dock if they purchased a Galaxy S8 or S8+ between March 29th and May 10th.

T-Mobile is updating the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with May's security patches

T-Mobile customers who own the Galaxy S6 Edge+ should look forward to an OTA update being pushed to their device soon. Not only does it include the May security patches, but it also fixes an intermittent call failure bug too.

In response to the Manchester attack, AT&T, Sprint, and Virgin Mobile are waiving fees

Because of the recent attack in Manchester, AT&T, Sprint and Virgin Mobile have all announced that SMS and calls to that area will be free for a certain period of time.

Latest Pinterest update adds new features for recipe discovery

Pinterest is rolling out a new update that makes it easier to discover a new recipe. You can search for an ingredient you want to use, and then set up some filters to help narrow down the results.

Latest Google Phone update makes it easier to message someone after a failed call and more

Google is rolling out version 10 of their phone application and the big addition here is a post-call message prompt for when a call fails to make a connection. An APK teardown also hints about RCS calling, and a voicemail backup system.

Verizon wants to use their AOL/Yahoo assets as a platform to test an online video service

The CEO of Verizon has recently confirmed the company has plans to launch its own online TV service soon. He even went into further detail saying they feel the combined AOL/Yahoo assets will be a way for them to test the service.

Revisited review of the LG G6 says it's almost a perfect phone

Phandroid writer Joe is still using the LG G6 a month after his initial review and he says he still stands by his original score. He feels the device isn't perfect, but it has less annoyances than the Galaxy S8.

Google talks about improving the publication experience in the new Google Sites

G Suite customers are getting an update to Google Sites and with that comes a new experience when publishing new content. Thanks to feedback, Google is changing how they're asking for permission to index a website in their search engine.

Samsung is rolling out a new update to the Gear S3 in the US that adds a lot of changes

If you have a US model of the Gear S3 from Samsung then you can look forward to a new firmware update soon. The update is reportedly adding the following features. . . - New date and music complications for watch faces - An altitude auto-refresh option - Customizable pace-coaching and HR zone info for running - An improved UI for News...

Latest PayPal update adds support for Android Pay integration

Last month we saw Android Pay add support for PayPal, and now PayPal is adding integration for Android Pay into their application. Once updated, you'll find Android Pay as an option and can then continue to set things up.

New Android Wear video tells you to make the most of every occasion

Google has just uploaded a new Android Wear video to their Android YouTube channel that focuses on how you can use Android Wear in the workplace, on the way home, at a kids recital and more.

Google talks about how families can do more with YouTube TV, Google Calendar, Keep and Photos

Google wants their services to be more and more convenient and a way to do this is by adding in ways for you to share things with the family. A new blog post talks about how to share a family calendar, use lists in Keep for the whole family, and more.

Latest SwiftKey beta update adds 2 new layouts and a few more languages

The developers behind the Swiftkey application have just rolled out a new beta update that adds the following changes. . . - You can now type in new languages: Cantonese, French (Belgium), French (Switzerland), Kikuyu, Cornish & Walloon - Added Turkish "F" layout - Added Arabic (PC) layout

Latest Splitwise update adds support for Paytm in India

Splitwise is a popular application that lets you easily split a bill between a group of friends while also letting you send/receive payments for said bill. The company just rolled out a new update that adds support for Paytm (a popular payment system in India) so that more people in India can use it.

Facebook Live gets a feature that makes it easier to talk to your friends

Facebook wants to make their Facebook Live content more social with a new feature called Live Chat With Friends. This will let you watch a Facebook Live video with a group of friends and talk with the group in a private chat room.

DEAL: You can get this ICONIC Pixel XL battery case from Amazon for $48 with a coupon code

Mophie just launched a battery case for the Pixel XL, but ICONIC has a less expensive one on Amazon for $60. However, if you use the coupon code 46EEXWF7 at checkout then you can get another $12 off the order.

AiC 2.0 is an open source Android cloud emulator

With so many different versions of Android out there, it can be difficult for Android application developers to write code that works seamlessly for all of them. So a team has come together to launch what they're calling AiC 2.0, which is an open source Android cloud emulator that developers can test their apps on.

Google is working on learning when you go into a store to buy something in response to an ad

A new report talks about how Google is using a complex set of algorithms to process billions of transactions for behaviors that can link you to something you purchased in a store. The company is interested in doing this because they want to know when someone goes into a store to buy something because of an online ad they were shown.

Chrome Home gets a redesigned New Tab page

It looks as though Google has been making a few changes to the way the new tab page looks in Chrome Home, which is an experimental feature right now. The eagle eyes over at XDA Developers have highlighted the difference between the old and new pages.

Honor reveals the Honor Band A2, new fitness tracker with a screen and HR sensor

The Honor Band A2 was unveiled today as a successor to the Honor Band A1 from last year. The new band has a .96" OLED screen and a heart rate sensor, while it also includes a pedometer, exercise and sleep tracker.

Deal: Grab an unlocked LG G5 for $299 from B&H

B&H Photo has a deal where you can get an unlocked LG G5 for only $299 and they'll throw in the LG VR headset for free. That's a $129 value.