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Android News

New leak gives us a closer look at all three U.S. S8 launch colors

A new image has been uploaded by Evan Blass that claims to give us a very close look at the three Galaxy S8 colors which will be launched in the United States.

The Noizy icon pack is temporarily on sale for free in the Play Store

Noizy Icons is a popular icon pack in the Play Store that typically sells for $1.50, but you can grab it right now for free during this temporary sale.

Verizon will start rolling out Nougat to HTC 10 owners this Thursday

If you purchased your HTC 10 from Verizon, then you can look forward to a new OTA update later this week. This will be a big update as it will bring your device up to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google Docs now lets you change the capitalization of text in the latest update

If you use the web version of Google Docs, you'll notice a new Capitalization feature in the Format drop down menu. This will let you change the selected text to all lowercase, all uppercase, or Title Case.

Samsung publishes the Galaxy S8 user manual online

It looks as if Samsung has published the user manual for the Galaxy S8 online early. The image and some text says its the Galaxy S7 Edge, but we see Galaxy S8 features there like Bixby and the DeX Station.

Classic RPG game Planescape Torment is coming to Android soon

Planescape Torment is in a lot of the best RPG games lists for PC and now it looks like it is headed to Android soon. Dubbed Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition, it will include a revamped UI, support for 4K, new features and more.

Evie partners with Verizon to launch a new home screen feature called AppFlash

Verizon Wireless customers already know about the bloatware that gets installed on their devices. Today though, it's been announced that Verizon has teamed up with Evie to launch a AppFlash. AppFlash will help users find content and services across different apps, and Evie is working with Verizon to make this the default experience on...

The first episode of Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy will launch on April 18th

We knew that TellTale's Guardians of the Galaxy would be launching in the spring, but we didn't know the exact date. Today, the company announced the first episode of the series will be released on the 18th of April.

Audeze Sine headphones review calls them a great pair of cans

Phandroid just published a review of the Sine headphones from Audeze and they felt the audio quality was great, but for $500 the price tag might be too much for most people.

Fast charging the Galaxy S7 Edge may reduce battery capacity by 24% each year

It's well known that charging a battery too quickly can cause the capacity to diminish over time, but many thought this was by a small amount. Someone on Reddit did a test with AccuBattery over the last 13 months and noticed their battery capacity has decreased by 24%.

LG uploads a TV commercial for the LG G6

LG has been selling the LG G6 for a little bit now and today the company uploaded a TV commercial ad to their YouTube channel. The ad highlights its water resistant design, slimmer bezels, and camera features.

Google talks about how they stop apps from holding your data for ransom

Ransomware has been getting more and more popular these days and Android has become a big target for this type of attack. Thanks to Android's Verify Apps feature and the way they sandbox them, Google is able to keep your information safe as long as your device is up to date with the latest security patches.

ZTE releases a statement in regards to the Iran and North Korea violations

Back in 2012, a report claimed ZTE was involved with selling electronic hardware to Iran and North Korea even though these countries were under sanctions. After an investigation, it turned out this report was true and ZTE was fined for the violation. Now, the company's CEO has come out with an official statement that says they take...

Code commits suggest Google is working to bring Android Studio to Chrome OS

Android Studio is a very heavy piece of software, but new code commits suggest Google is working to get it running properly on Chrome OS. It seems that this is in the early stage of development though, so we shouldn't expect an announcement anytime soon.

Facebook talks about new ways to share using the camera within its mobile application

Facebook has announced some new camera effects for its iOS and Android application. Similar to Snapchat filters, this will give you some unique effects that you can overlay on top of your pictures.

Uber will no longer be servicing customers in Denmark over new taxi laws

Some governments have not been so accepting of Uber and their business model and Denmark is one of them. The country has just enacted some new taxi laws and Uber says they will pull out of the country because of them.

ZTE will be launching a new Nubia device on April 6th, likely the Z17 Mini

Last year we saw ZTE announce a new Nubia device on April 19th, but this year the event is scheduled for April 6th. Rumors currently point to this launch event being for the upcoming Z17 Mini.

Huawei launches the Honor 8 Pro in Russia

The Honor 8 was received a decent reception when launched, but now Huawei has just released a Pro variant in Russia. The device is actually identical to the V9 that was launched in China, but pricing has yet to be announced.

Some Android One devices are getting an update that adds a Pixel style launcher to it

A few Android One devices are receiving a new OTA update that changes the launcher it currently uses. Instead of the Google Now launcher that most are used to, it seems the new launcher looks very similar to the Pixel Launcher.

Google adds icons to the text selection dialog in Android O

Along with other small UI changes, Android O seems to have added some icons next to the options in the text selection dialog box.

Subscribe with Amazon is an OS, device, and platform agnostic subscription model

Consumers who own both iOS and Android devices are generally out of luck if they want to use an application or service that has a subscription on both platforms (without having to pay twice). However, Amazon has just announced an application monetization model that is OS, device, and platform agnostic.

Google makes a video to show developers what is new in Android O

Google recently launched the first developer preview for Android O, and it comes with a lot of changes that developers need to know about. So along with the fully documented changes, the company also released an official video to talk about the biggest ones.

Samsung talks about the various ways you can tune in to the Galaxy S8 Unpacked event

Samsung's Unpacked 2017 event is tomorrow and this will be where they officially launch the Galaxy S8. For those who are interested, Samsung reminds us that we can watch the event on Samsung's website, on Facebook, or via the Unpacked mobile application.

Latest Evernote update changes the way the sharing tool functions on Android

The folks behind the Evernote application has just rolled out a new update that focuses on the way you share notes. So when you share something with this update, you'll be asked for an email address or Evernote username. Alternatively, you can tap on the share another way option to to trigger Android's typical sharing feature.

Google opens new Open Source portal

Google has announced a new web portal for sharing their open source efforts. The portal can be found at opensource.google.com.