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ASUS publishes an Android app for their upcoming Lyra mesh Wi-Fi network system is...

Mesh WiFi networks are very popular these days and ASUS is getting in on it with a new system called Lyra. While the devices are not available for purchase just yet, the companion application is ready in the Play Store right now.

This addon fixes Firefox's issue with playing YouTube in the background

Firefox users have been used to playing YouTube videos in the background, but a recent change has prevented this from happening. However, there's now an addon that you can install that will enable this functionality again.

Google has removed 41 ppps infected with a piece of malware called Judy

41 applications have been removed from the Play Store because Google detected they were infected with malware called Judy. Most of these apps were from one single account from a South Korean company called Kiniwini.

Latest Lyft update lets drivers start planning pickups days in advance

Lyft has just announced a new update with the biggest change being the ability for drivers to start planning their pickups days ahead.

SuperCleaner is a new RAM booster application from the company who acquired SuperSU

SuperSU acquired by a Chinese company a while back and they've slowly been transitioning over to this new company (even though Chainfire is still working on it). However, this same company just published a new application in the Play Store called SuperCleaner that claims to speed up your phone by clearing out applications from your RAM.

OnePlus just announced they're doing a referral program

You can now get a unique referral link from OnePlus that can benefit both you and your friends. The person who uses the link to buy a phone will get $20 off their accessories while you'll get 100 referral points which can be redeemed in their special storefront.

Developer makes the SeeFood application that was recently shown on Silicon Valley

In the HBO show Silicon Valley, one entrepreneur came up with an idea to make a Shazam for food. Turns out, it only told the different between a hot dog and not a hot dog, but an XDA community developer came up with an application that claims it can tell the different between 11 food categories.

Hands-on unboxing of the HTC U11 shows us what's inside

Droid Life just uploaded their traditional unboxing and tour of the HTC U11. They don't go into too much detail here, but we do get a look at how HTC is presenting their new flagship.

UMI Mobile publishes Family Feud Live! in the Play Store for free

It always seemed strange that there wasn't a popular Family Feud game in the Play Store but that recently changed. UMI Mobile is the publisher behind the new game and it can be played for free right now.

The ongoing Nexus 6P lawsuit has just been amended

The lawsuit filed against Huawei over the Nexus 6P bootloop and early shutdown issues has been amended. This means the total number of actions in the suit from 10 to 23 and the suit seems to have changed to northern California.

Some are now seeing a new Personal tab when doing a search result in Google

If you do a search on Google's web portal, you may see a new tab option labeled Personal. What this will do is offer to give you results for whatever you're searching but ones that are pulled from your Gmail and Google Photos account.

You can get up to $50 in bill credit from Cricket Wireless to switch to their service

Some wireless carriers offer to pay the remaining monthly payment for your smartphone to switch. Cricket Wireless, however, says they'll give you up to $50 in bill credit if you decide to join their service.

Some feel Amazon's app store is putting millions of Android devices at risk

In order to get Amazon's Appstore application on your phone, you must manually install it after you have enabled the unknown sources toggle. However, some researchers say this is putting people's devices at risk because this is the first line of defense in stopping themselves from installing a malicious app.

Sergey Brin's secret airship is rumored to be used to deliver food on humanitarian missions

Sergey Brin is working on what is said to be the world's biggest aircraft. While there are plans to use this vessel to deliver food on humanitarian missions to remote locations, when it isn't used for that it will likely be used as a luxurious "air yacht" for Brin's friends and family.

Software is holding Bluetooth 5 back on the Galaxy S8

While the Galaxy S8 hardware supports Bluetooth 5, it seems as if the software is holding the technology back. Samsung will not likely begin working on this until after the Galaxy S8 receives its Android O OTA update.

A former CTO of Mozilla admits that Chrome won

A Firefox marketing member recently wrote in a blog post that while he works for Mozilla, he uses Chrome every day. So in response, a former CTO of Mozilla says it's okay to admit you use Chrome because Chrome won.

Qualcomm now has to pay BlackBerry $940 million thanks to an issue in royalties

BlackBerry recently sued Qualcomm over the amount of money they had to pay in royalties over the last few years. The two companies have come to an agreement and Qualcomm will pay BlackBerry $940 million before the end of the month.

Chainfire says to stick to SuperSU v2.79 for now

If you get a notification to update to version 2.80 or 2.81 of SuperSU, it's probably best if you ignore the update for now. There have been a number of reports about these two updates having issues and the developer currently advises that you stick with your version (or 2.79 being the latest).

A few reasons why OEM skins are good for Android

Even though a lot of people dislike OEM skins, there actually a number of ways this improves Android over time. Android Authority has an opinion piece up that talks about how stock Android has benefited from OEM skins and the list includes things like themes, fingerprint API, multi-window and more.

Here are some of the best and worst things about the Galaxy S8

Phandroid has an opinion piece up that details 10 of the best and worst aspects of Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. This list talks about the gorgeous design, small bezels, its bloated software and more.

DEAL: Latest apps that are temporarily free or discounted include Bloons Supermonkey 2 and more

To kick off the holiday weekend, a number of developers have discounted their applications and some have even marked them free. This includes titles like Bloons Supermonkey 2, Shadowgun, Samurai II: Vengeance, Record of Agarest War and dozens more.

Xiaomi Mi 6 review calls it a social climber

GSM Arena just published their review of the Mi 6 and they said Xiaomi tried to put everything that's hot right now in a low-fare package. They said it's an amazing value if they can get it for the $360 price tag that it sells for in China, but resellers have been known to hike the price to $600 and that makes it lose its appeal.

This Magisk module allows you to enable Miracast and tethering

A new Magisk module is available on XDA Developers that allows rooted devices to enable Miracast and tethering support, in addition to disabling ADB Notify.

Google will work with Vietam to remove toxic content

After a call from the Vietnamese government for domestic advertisers to stop using Google, Google has agreed to work with the country on removing content that violates Vietnamese laws within the country.

Honor 9 passes through TENAA

The Honor 9 is expected to be unveiled in China on June 21st, but a TENAA certification gives us a peek at the device a bit early. It features a 5.15" 1080p display, powered by the Kirin 960 chipset. It also features 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.