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Sony's mobile division dropped almost 32% while selling less than 15 million handsets

Sony has shared its financial results for the past fiscal year and stated that operating revenue dropped by 32.7% in the Mobile Communications department.

Google Fiber begins construction in Louisville despite AT&T lawsuit

Google Fiber is beginning construction in Louisville, despite an ongoing lawsuit filed by AT&T and Charter, as well as the recent layoffs in the company.

Here are the best game controllers for Android

Russell from Android Central has compiled a list of the best game controllers for Android devices, and the list includes the SteelSeries Stratus XL, Moga Hero Power, and more.

Latest HydrogenOS update for OnePlus 3 adds aptX support

The latest version of HydrogenOS for the OnePlus 3 has been released and adds support for aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth.

A new survey claims that Verizon has the best wireless customer service in the US

Tom's Guide has published its findings of a recent survey for which US carrier has the best customer service. The results showed that Verizon takes the top spot with T-Mobile coming in at 2nd.

Nokia 3310 arrives in Spain on May 15 for EUR €59

Media Markt in Spain has listed the Nokia 3310 on its website and states that it will launch on May 16th for EUR 59.

Xiaomi reportedly cancels the Mi 6 Plus as it gears up for the Mi Note 3

A new report claims that Xiaomi has canceled the Mi 6 Plus as the company gears up to launch the Mi Note 3. The reason for the cancellation is due to production issues with the ceramic coating.

Google WiFi has launched in Canada for $179

Google WiFi has launched in Canada for $179 or you can purchase a three-pack for $439. However, this is quite a price jump over what Google WiFi is priced at in the States ($129/$299).

DEAL: Get the Samsung Gear VR (2016) for $64

Amazon is currently offering almost 40% off of the Samsung Gear VR (2016), bringing the price down to just $64.

Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S7: Which is best for VR?

Russell from Android Central pits the Galaxy S8 against the Galaxy S7 to help you decide which device is best for experiencing VR content. In conclusion, both devices offer a great experience, but there's not enough differences to justify the Galaxy S8 over the S7.

How to: Use Game Tools on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Marc from Android Central has published a guide on the Game Tools and Game Launcher apps for the Galaxy S8 lineup. This guide explains what each app does and how to use them on your new Galaxy S8.

Some Galaxy S8 devices are randomly rebooting

Various Galaxy S8 owners have reported seeing their devices randomly rebooting, with one person seeing 7 restarts in their first 10 hours with the device.

A minor update is rolling out to the AT&T LG G6

The AT&T variant of the LG G6 has received a new update which brings a few bug fixes and updates the software version to "H87210e".

IDC claims that Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, were the 'largest catalysts' for Q1 smartphone growth

IDC has published a new report claiming that Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, were the driving force behind an increase in smartphone sales over the course of Q1 2017.

There have been over 3 million Meizu E2 registrations in the first 48 hours

Meizu has confirmed that there are now over 3 million registrations for the upcoming Meizu E2.

Tilt Brush update adds support for new online gallery and more

Google has pushed an update to its Tilt Brush application which now allows you to view an online gallery, as well as download it to your device of choice.

DEAL: Get a free LG Watch Style with an LG G6 pre-order

B&H Photo is offering a free LG Watch Style for those who are looking to pre-order the unlocked LG G6.

Samsung is offering 50% discount on new Gear VR and Gear 360 (2017) in Malaysia with Galaxy S8

In Malaysia, Samsung is offering a 50% discount on the new Gear VR and Gear 360 (2017) with any purchase of the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

T-Mobile is now offering the Galaxy J3 Prime

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is now available through T-Mobile for $150, but the carrier is also offering a $75 instant discount for a limited time.

How to: Toggle icon frames on the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

David from Android Authority has published a tutorial explaining how to toggle the icon frames on the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Google and Facebook were scammed out of $100 million

Google and Facebook have been named victims in a series of scams costing $100 million.

The Midnight Black OnePlus 3T has just about sold out

Carl Pei took to Twitter to announce that the limited edition Midnight Black OnePlus 3T had sold out everywhere across the world, except for the UK and Hong Kong.

HTC's latest teaser ad focuses on squeezing things

Rumors have already leaked a lot of what HTC will be introducing in the HTC U 11, but the company just released another teaser with a squeeze theme.

Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is now available in the Play Store

Adult Swim started allowing people to register for their new Robot Unicorn game last month and now it's fully available to download in the Play Store. The game is still a side-scrolling endless runner, but everything is now rendered in 3D.

You probably don't want to participate in the #10concerts social game on Facebook

There's a social game spreading around Facebook that has you list 10 concerts you have been to and one that is a lie. The game has your friends trying to guess which one is the lie but it seems people could be using this information to answer security questions to break into your account.