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    Echolink problem on Android

    I have a Motorola G play. I have downloaded the Echolink from Google play store, and have used it without problems for 2 years. Yesterday It will not work, it says that I have an incorrect password. I went to the Echolink page and reset the password. I then uninstalled the app and reinstalled...
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    Introducing Brainbox - AI Assistant: Your Personal AI Companion

    Hey Android Forums community! I'm excited to introduce you to Brainbox - AI Assistant, a cutting-edge app that brings the power of artificial intelligence right to your Android device. Whether you need quick answers, task automation, or simply want to have engaging conversations, Brainbox is...
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    Error trying to publish app on Google Play Store to tests - google pixel emulator and googlequicksearchbox error

    I'm trying to publish an app in google play store and have this error: Exception Process:, PID: 12192 java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present at j$.util.Optional.get ( at...
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    Meaning of data fields given by Google Play Store for app download/install statistics

    I am downloading data from the Google Play Store console of my app download statistics. It has these fields: (1) Daily Device Installs, (2) Daily Device Uninstalls, (3) Total User Installs, (4) Daily User Installs, (5) Daily User Uninstalls, (6) Active Device Installs There seems to be no...
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    Apps Download APP on Google Play Store with error “Something went wrong. Try again.”

    My APP is upload to Google Play Store. The APP's min version is API21(Android5.0) and target version is API29(Android10). I use a phone which is Android11 cannot download the APP, but another phone which is Android10 can download the APP. When I press the download button, the error message...
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    100+ Google Apps That You Didn’t Know Exist There are 160 Google Apps in the Google Play Store- do you know them all?
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    Google bans fake ID apps from the Play Store

    Google has banned all Fake ID apps from the Google Play Store as it breaks the "Enabling Dishonest Behavior" item of Play Store Policies.
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    Google Play Store now shows Edit History for all reviews and reviewers

    Users can now see the full review history when updates have been made to an Android app or game review on the Google Play Store
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    Google Play adds new audiobook features

    Google recently added audiobooks to Google Play, allowing users to listen to their favorite reads across Android, iOS, web, and home speakers, and presenting another option for readers aside from Audible or iBooks. The company has now rolled out some new features to listeners, allowing them to...
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    Android malware found inside QR code apps

    SophosLabs has detailed a recent ad-spawning malware strain, Andr/HiddnAd-AJ, that slipped into Google Play through innocent-looking QR code and compass apps. Google has already been notified of the apps and have removed them from Google Play.
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    Google Play Instant lets you try games without downloading them

    Google announced a new service geared towards Android gamers: Google Play Instant. When you want to try a new Android game, you must download and install the app. But now, with Google Play Instant, you can try the game without downloading anything
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    Google Play Store to expand to 52 countries and 25 languages in 2018

    A slide from the Digital News Initiative summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands revealed a map of all the countries and regions Google will cover by the end of 2018, spanning across 54 locales in 52 countries and 25 languages with local support.
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    Facebook's Messenger Kids app now on the Play Store

    A few months ago Facebook launched a kid's version of Facebook Messenger with embedded parental controls. The app is now available to Android users directly in the Google Play Store.
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    Super Mario Run has been downloaded more than 100 million times

    After launching on the Play Store almost a year ago, Super Mario Run has surpassed the 100 million download threshold.
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    Google’s slim Assistant Go app is now available

    Google has made a lightweight version of Google Assistant without smart home controls for slower phones. The app is now available for download in the Google Play Store.
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    Google is testing ‘My subscriptions’ and ‘Free up space’ features at Google Play

    Google may bring changes to how users can remove unneeded apps on devices that are running out of space. Similar to what it’s doing on Google Photos and Files Go, Google might soon display a prominent sign that reads, “You’re running low on storage. Free up space.”
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    Google is testing a 'My subscriptions' nav menu option in the Play Store

    Some users are reporting seeing a new My Subscriptions menu available in the Google Play Store app.
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    Audiobooks are now available at Google Play

    Google has announced that it’s now selling audiobooks on the Google Play Store, filling out its offerings of movies, music, TV, and ebooks. The new titles are available on Android, iOS, and the web.
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    Google begins teasing the arrival of Audiobooks on the Play Store

    A banner has appeared on Google Play for most users which simply states that audiobooks are now available on Google Play. At the time of publishing, that link doesn’t work and simply 404’s, but it seems to be appearing for all users both on the web and within the Google Play app on Android.
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    Google deleted 60 games from its Play Store after porn ads found their way into them

    Google has deleted 60 games from its Play Store after security firm Check Point uncovered a malicious bug that displayed porn in game apps, many of which are aimed at children. Some of the apps include those that have been downloaded over 1 million times, like Five Nights Survival Craft and...
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    10 new Chromebooks get access to Google Play

    10 more Chromebooks are getting the Google Play Store. The goods will come either through stable or beta channels, depending on which device you have.
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    Google Play 12 Days of Play sale serves up 99 cent movie and TV show rentals

    Google Play's holiday event takes select movie and show rentals down to 99 cents, takes 40% off a premium TuneIn subscription, and offers in-game discounts and holiday goodies in various free-to-play games. The 12 Days of Play deals kick off today and run through January 2nd.
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    4 months of Google Play Music in Google Play Deals

    Some users are reporting an offer for 4 months of Google Play Music in Google's 12 Days of Deals round-up. This appears to be for current non-subscribers only.
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    Deal: Get a $50 Google Play gift card for $45

    Amazon is offering $5 off Google Play gift cards of $50 or more when you enter promo code GOOGLE at checkout. This digital gift card will be emailed to you quickly after purchase.
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    Google Play Movies showing bonus content in Movies Anywhere

    Movies purchased from Google Play appear to have extra content enabled in Movies Anywhere when you link the two accounts.