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    Can Motorola/MotoBlur Software Be Removed (Or Vanilla Android OS Be Installed)?

    Hi everyone. I've been given a Motorola Cliq 2 (Model # MB611), running Android v2.2.2 (Froyo), System v1.1.30.MB611.T-Mobile.en.US It's been unlocked with a phone call to T-Mobile by the previous owner. My question is, is there a way to either uninstall all the Motorola software (MotoBlur...
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    remove cynogen mod from cliq xt

    easiest way to remove cynogen mod ??? any alternative custom rom which would be light yet sound and how to install it?? Pls help.. i have roamed a lot on net without any success :(
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    Downgrade from 2.3 to 2.2

    Hi, Can somebody help me downgrade my Motorola Cliq 2 from 2.3 to 2.2? After upgrading to 2.3, the ringtone doesn't ring anymore. Wifi can't connect. I cannot hear other people talking if I don't restart my phone. I have all sort of problems :( I am just a dumb who does not understand anything...
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    Help Touch Sceen acting funny

    I replaced the keyboard and front faceplated(outer glass) which required removing the digitizer and putting in the new front bezel. However, when I put it back together, all looks well... However, when I try to use it, the digitizer is acting funny. In the horizontal with keyboard open, the...
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    Cracked Screen!?!

    Hello everyone, I have a Motorola Cliq MB200, and I dropped it. The screen ended up cracking quite a bit but it still is functional. I bought a digitizer with a screwdriver looking thing, and a ,I believe, is a puller, for like taking things out. So I was wondering, how would you replace the...
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    Help New photos will not display in Picture Gallery

    None of my newer photos from about two weeks ago onwards will display in the Picture Gallery app... which is funny, because until yesterday, they used to. They appear on my SD card, and they load fine with the phone plugged into the computer, but when I try to view them on the phone, I get a...
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    Help Can Motorola Cliq be used with Consumer Cellular?

    I bought my Cliq from T-Mobile two years ago and have now switched to Consumers Cellular which uses ATT towers. I have unlocked the Cliq and installed the Consumers Cellular SIM card, It does voice and messaging but does not connect to the internet for data. Is there any way that I can configure...
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    Help Help connecting to gmail

    Hey all, I recently got a motorola cliq on eBay, and really like it... Except that it won't let me download any apps. Im guessing it's because it won't let me connect to gmail, which is needed to get apps. Every time I try to connect to my gmail account it says "can't establish a reliable data...
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    Help Unresponsive Touch Screen, and Failure to Power Backlight

    When I slide the phone open to use the keyboard, the touchscreen will not work, if I touch it, it messes up my typing as well. this problem I am used to and do not mind so much, but can become a hassle when the other problem occurs: Backlight fails to work and cannot be fixed by pulling out the...
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    Help Help!

    So I have a Motorola Blur. I don't have a plan on it' but i was using the textfree app with my wifi. i decided to create a password and wound up locking myself out of the phone. so i reset my phone and now there's a screen that asks me to insert a SIM card. how can i get my phone back to the way...
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    Gameboid app

    Hi. I downloaded the gameboid app and I have some Roms for it and stuff and I downloaded the GBA bios_bin thing but I can't figure out how to move the GBA BIOS file into the /roms folder. Does anyone know how to do this? Or does anyone know how to move a file into a folder on this Motorola...
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    Help Cannot update past 1.5, help please?

    build#R6380CP1_042.01 I'm on some silly walmart family plan. I just got my cliq second hand and I got it with 1.5 installed and I don't have the newer google play market, I've told it to check for an OTA update but it says I'm up to date, so I try to do a manual update but then it gives me this...
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    Cliq FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Cliq Tips...
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    Help Motorola Cliq Reboot Issue

    I got the phone with Cyanogenmod version 4 on it and I wanted to revert to the official stock firmware. So, I tried doing that, and when I realized that I couldn't do it (before I got ADB to i do...), so I went and updated Cyanogenmod to the latest, which is 7. Now, I liked it, but I...
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    Help Can't make MOTOBLUR

    hi guys what's up? So as you may have known by now, I have a Motorola CLIQ MB200 phone. I have the 2.1 update on it, which cell world did. This morning, I accidentally reset my phone.... Its a long boring and unimportant story..... Anyways, it was reset and it said to make a motoblur account...
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    Help Motorola Cliq MB200 Problems!! Please Help!

    Ok, so I am gonna make this short because I just typed out this long thing and it all got deleted and I am in a hurry!!! If you need more info to help me just message me or comment with what you need to know. Problems: 1.) During calls, if I get off the call screen, I cannot hangup. When trying...
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    Root Rooted Motorola Cliq Problems

    I just rooted my Motorola cliq and tried to flash a new rom... the rom wouldnt load fully it will let me see the batter meter and a couple other things but not the menu or any apps or anything.. i tried to go back to the recovery to fix it thats where the problem is now.. i hold the power and...
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    Help Exporting Contacts

    My Cliq has died (radios and wi-fi). T-Mobile is replacing it with a non-motorola phone. How can I export Contacts to SD card or to my PC? None of the radios work so export has to be via USB cable to PC or to the SD Card. Thanks! -david
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    2.1 upgrade for motorola cliq wanted

    has anyone successfully been able to update the 2.1? id really like that since the 2.1 is quite slow
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    Root Cliq here please?

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    Root su permission denied

    Salam, I want to load a Rom in my Dext. For this reason, I just rooted my phone, and now I want to flash a custom recovery image, but I get permission denied when I run su in adb shell. Any idea about this problem! Thanx...
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    Help HELP for MOTO CLIQ Android 2.2

    Hey guys.. I decided to get 2.2 on my moto cliq last night and found a very simple tutorial coz im not that techy. came across it in the link below: Upgrade/Update Motorola Cliq 2.1/1.5 (Morrison MB200) to Android 2.2 (Froyo 2.2.1) ROM with Overclock and Multitouch ? Tech Geek Guy but the...
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    Help HELP! Cliq keeps saying error creating account

    Hi Guys. My cliq was a 2.0. something and i wanted to upgrade to the 2.1 (Eclair). But you can't upgrade to the 2.1 from the 2.0. So i downgraded to the 1.5 and now when i turn on the phone and it says create new account or use existing account. I choose existing and when i type in my motoblur...
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    Help moto cliq internet

    I was told when I bought my phone that I could use it to access the internet on my laptop. But so far I cannot find anyway to do it. Please help.
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    Root How to disable startup sound on Rooted phones and edit boot up pictures

    Device: Motorola CLIQ MB 200 Android 2.1 phone [Rooted] Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US Which file needs to be edited to disable the annoying startup up boot sound? I would rather edit then use an app. Using Droid Explorer I found that this zip file contains the boot up animation...