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  1. A

    Root Keeps rebooting into CWM

    I just tried to flash the newest update of the Revolver ROM, and now Clockwork recovery boots up every time I reboot. I had a backup, and tried reinstalling an older image, but it's still doing it. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it to stop it from booting up automatically? I am able to...
  2. S

    Help Transform wont activate on page plus

    My daughter gave me her old transform, it was Sprint but flashed to page plus. I wanted to port my # from verizon to the transform. Every thing went well untill i tried to activate the phone. When I dial the activation # it ends call and I have no service until I shut off the phone and turn it...
  3. J

    Help new pictures have old thumbnails

    When I take a picture, the thumbnail of a previous picture shows up. Even if I've deleted the old pic. How is my phone storing old pictures that have been deleted? Is there a setting on here that I'm missing?
  4. U

    Help Samsung Transform Flash to Boost HELP please

    Hi, I am new to the website. I did a search for how to flash it or if there are any roms to install and I couldn't find one all the came up was the Samsung Transform Ultra and I don't know if those tutorials would work. So can someone help me out with flashing my Sprint Samsung Transform to...
  5. M

    Root Flashing one Rom over another

    I'm still a bit of a noob with flashing roms and stuff, I'm trying to get a better understanding of what happens when you flash one rom over another. My EVO4G had an unfortunate water damage accident, I had it rooted and was running MikG sense 2.1+3.0 rom. I received a Samsung Transform from...
  6. L

    Help Samsung Transform won't turn on

    The Transform always seemed to be a little slow for me lately. Like yesterday it was running perfectly fine until the battery died. When I plugged in the charger when I got home yesterday, I tried turning it on while it was charging but it just stays on the Samsung screen for a few hours. So...
  7. 1

    Root Vm patch.needed.???

    hello is there a phone.apk patch for Voice mail to work my Samsung Transform SPH-M920 flash to metropcs running the [ROM] TransGingerOnCrack and i get no VM notification when a vm is left.???
  8. A

    voice mail question?

    Anyone know if its possible to reset the voice mail back to when it say "the person you are calling has not set up their voice mailbox yet goodbye" then it hangs up on the caller.
  9. 1

    Root back up choices.????

    when doing a backup in cwm i was told to choose tar then when i pick tar then there is another choice to backup system. then system data. or efs no choice to pick system+data. what is the rite choice??? using cwm v2.5.1.0&sdx0.3 then in the bottom it says loading file system system rfs...
  10. 1

    Root su errors after vampiro recovery help

    i update superuser but when i try to update the binary it says note: your su binary cannot be updated dut to it's location=-rwsr-xr-x root root /sbin/su how can i fix this.?? thanks
  11. 1

    Root recovery help

    ok got the phone rooted now i want to install recovery. what is the easiest way to go with. i already downloaded recovery.tar also cwm recovery.tar just in case the 1st don't work and puma v6 kernel i'm on android 2.2.2 froyo 2eb phone model sph-m920 thanks
  12. 1

    Root need help with root+voice mail.pleaseee

    hello to all i got my wife a sprint samsung sph-m920 flash over to metropcs it is 2.2.2 all original but i want to root i'm looking for the safest dummy proof to root it.??? nothing fancy for her also big issues is we get no voice mail notifications at all when anybody leaves a vm is there...
  13. [TheAndroid]

    Root Please Read BEFORE Any Other Thread

    Hey everyone! I hate to say that as development for this phone has died down a little bit, I haven't been posting here and helping out the community. I want to try to bridge everyone together into one simple community where you all can see what the developers are making for our phones without...
  14. A

    Root Update to froyo 2.2?

    I have a sprint transform flashed to metro pcs and it keep asking me to update to froyo 2.2 if I do this will it screw up my phone?
  15. S

    Root root but im unable to flash roms or kernels

    so i just rooted with Custom Recovery and Root 2.2 [GUIDE] and i got as for as step 6 (and for some reason there is no step 7) and i cant preform step 8 because when i press apply zip form sd card it tells me it "cant open directory" someone please help!!
  16. D-U-R-X

    Transform FAQ's (WIP)

    This is a work in progress... Please continue to post support questions in the forum, but feel free to add to the FAQ's and we will update this post (to avoid information being lost later in the thread). 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  17. I

    Help rooting samsung transform

    What Will Happen If I Rooted My Samsung Transform One Of My Friends Told Me I Will Lose My 3g Service And Won't Be Able To Do Anything But Text And Call.
  18. Bammbamm1113

    Root Help the PR fan Please?????

    Rooting? Unlocking? Very confusing Hi I'm new here. I just have some questions. I just bought a rooted Samsung Transform and I want to flash it to Crickets service. The only problem I'm having is trying to figure out if Rooting is unlocking and if its not how to unlock a rooted phone and then...
  19. CellBlock420

    Root App install Problem

    so heres the issue, i rooted my phone yesterday with no probs. i had rom manager, toolbox pro installed and was trying to find the right rom for me. well i thought i found a good copy of cm9 and downloaded it. i followed the instructions for doing a wipe and then dropping in the rom. somehow i...
  20. Spikebob21

    Root Making Transform faster...

    I need to make my friends Transform faster I need a stable Rom possibly a Kernal also.. whatever will make it faster.. its so slow.. I don't want any test/beta Roms or kernals. I need basically a stable package to increase this phones speed I'm not a complete noob.. please include...
  21. R

    After one year, am I screwed?

    Ok, after having this phone for one year I'm totally convinced this phone is the biggest piece of shit ever! On average I do 2 battery pulls a day because of lockups and freezes and just plain slowness. I've even done a factory reset, wich did nothing. Battery life is horrible. 3G WiFi is...
  22. aboatright

    Help Help me Unlock the password

    So i've got this transform that i need to get passed the darn lock pin to get into the phone...a customer of mine has a problem with the phone and she needs in to see what has been hidden...possible cheating bf and all that. Ive managed to install the updates via sw updater and even installed...
  23. V

    Help transform

    i just bought a samsung transform that was beign used on credo network. i have sprint and was wondering if i flash it to the stock rom will i be able to useit back on sprint? thank you in advance..
  24. J

    Root how to flash to metropcs

    help i do i flash my transform to metro pcs
  25. S

    Help Soft Bricked Transform

    Hi I just rooted my Samsung Transform and flashed Clockworkmod using Flash Image GUI using the process on wwjoshdew's YouTube channel (without using a computer.) The first thing I did when I got into recovery the first time was try to go to the Advanced menu, which brings me to a blank screen. I...