sony ericsson xperia mini pro

  1. L

    sony ericsson SK17i (mini pro) - android 2.3.4 - Call Recorder needed

    Hi All! ..anyone out there could recommend me a call recording app for this phone (see: subject) ?? I need a call rec, that is PROVEN to work with this phone! any help is appreciated... Thank you !
  2. G

    Help Can't save photos on Facebook

    I can't save photos on Facebook even when I long press on any I accidentally uninstalled updates for Facebook and can't seem to do anything now
  3. Dkier

    Help Unresponsive touchscreen and others

    SK17i Rooted Android 2.3.4 Kernel ver. Build 4.0.2.A.0.42 Lately my phone's touchscreen is not responding at random times. I noticed that usually happens when I put it on my pocket for a while(QWERTY keyboard works though) then pull it out. I had to wait for a couple of minutes or...
  4. karandpr

    Root [Kernel][Mini Pro][LWW][Mini]Doppler v2

    Posting here after quite a while . This is the kernel I maintain which currently is based on Lupus Sources . This kernel is currently avaialble for Mini pro(Mango) ,Mini(Smultron) and Live with walkman(coconut) ...Builds are planned for satsuma and haida Disclaimer : You installed Kernel ,on...
  5. D

    Help My Mini Pro is stuck on the Sony Screen

    Hi all :) Sadly, my Mini Pro is stuck on the SONY boot screen. On/off does not work nor the usb connection to Flashtool. What can i do? Thanks Dan
  6. X

    Help Problems with touch screen, cannot take backup of contacts and messages, any alternatives?

    Hi My xperia mini pro is 2 years old now. Suddenly the touch screen has stopped working. no liquid or any other damage. One morning the phone just decided to stop working! Now when contacted, sony support center says on submitting the phone for examination they will format it for sure...
  7. A

    Help Updating from 2.3.4 to ICS

    Hi, im aware that the update may not be available in my region as the PC companion says that my phone is up to date. i may have to root it, however i know nothing about this and so if i do need to root my phone to get the update, can anyone guide me with the simplest instructions? thanks
  8. A

    Help Wifi stuck, hot phone, battery life

    My phone started acting weird yesterday. The first thing I noticed was the Wifi was stuck on. In the status switch the wifi showed as on, but with the little circle spinning showing it was doing something. If I touch the button to turn off wifi, nothing happens, it just stays on with the...
  9. C

    Help Gapps and google play stopped working

    Hi .. I recently upgraded my phone xperia mini pro SK17i 's software from GB to ICS 4.0.4 and rooted my phone. After rooting i installed Titanium backup and remove a few what i thought were unnecessary apps from my phone . I think i also deleted the i'm not sure...
  10. A

    VM Upcoming Phones 2013

    Any ideas, what new phones virgin mobile might get? How soon? LTE?
  11. C

    Help Display is all black

    I got my phone not displaying anything. First the touch screen went out. but the back and the home keys were still working. Then there were some horizontals bars across the screen when it's sliding. After that screen gone black and the backlight is still working. please help me Is this...
  12. A

    Help Upgrade to ICS only installs 2.3.4

    I've just tried to update my SK17i to Android 4.0 ICS. I followed the instructions on Xperia. The phone upgraded, but only from 2.3.3, to 2.3.4, build 4.0.2.A.0.58. It's still running Gingerbread, and not Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. I also tried the Sony Update service Update service -...
  13. D

    Help Download problem

    Hi everyone For some time I am getting the message Downloading unsuccessful, please try again each and every time I try to download something from the Market. I have cleared the cashe from the market, and uninstalled the updates so I no longer have the Market app. in Aplications. every help...
  14. G

    Help Updating Android

    Hi I want to update my android Phone to Android JellyBean. Is it possible in any way? If yes please help Thanks
  15. G

    Help lost Call list and contact list(approx 450-470 contacts)

    Hi, i have lost my call list details and all the contact list..... i realised that today morning when i checked my mob and none of contacts were showing up..... and then i checked my call list it was showing empty.... and when i tried accessing whatsapp, it said memory has corrupted...
  16. I

    Help Root on ICS and radio problems

    First of all, I'd like to konw if anyone can teach me how to root my sk17a without doing a downgrade! I had a terrible weekend trying to do this, but all I had it was a lot of angry, and problems on my phone. 1000 roots and ICS flashes later, I'm giving up on googleing solutions and begging for...
  17. H

    Help Line in the middle of screen

    It showed a few months ago, before I upgraded to ICS. It changes its color depending on a wallpaper. Anyone know how to fix it or what caused it?
  18. V

    Help need help in rooting Sony Ericsson xperia mini pro to upgrade to 4.1 Jelly Bean

    Hey everyone i'm vishal. i've very lil bit knowledge of rooting an android phone. i want to upgrade my Sony Ericsson xperia mini pro to 4.1.1 jelly bean if its possible then please help me out. what area the steps needed to root it and tools required ?
  19. G

    Help Hearing radio stations via streaming, calls do not come.

    I'm kind of newbie with my android, I have a Xperia Mini Pro, to be listening to any streaming, ie when I hear radio stations via streaming, calls do not come. What should I do to prevent this from happening, the calls come. Thank you very much for your timely help.
  20. K

    Planning to get an Xperia Mini Pro

    Hi, I'm planning to get this phone for Christmas, I just wanted to know some things before going for it :) I have an Xperia x10 Mini for now, and I can say I don't like it that much. 1. How long does the battery normally last, with an active 2g connection all day? 2. Are these applications...
  21. rachit_rawat

    Root [ROM][ICS]Serenity [2.0][09/11/12][BOTH BL]

    Hi there! I wanted to share my Serenity ROM from XDA forums. Currently all MDPI supported. Thank you! Link here
  22. C

    Help cm10 boot loop

    I'm so dumb :( I tried flashing new fxp 146 rom from fxp 145 without formatting data, now I have boot loop and can't get into cwm, but I do have fastboot mode what do I do?
  23. M

    Root ApkInstaller by Bloodawn

    Hello you all, does the ApkInstaller by Bloodawn works on a Xperia Mini Pro? I'd love to install AndroZip Pro File Manager. Thanks in advance!
  24. 0

    Help Need Help-Unable to Update Android!

    I've had my phone for almost a year now and today my friend (who has the same phone) asked me if I've updated my phone yet. But when I connected my phone to my PC laptop, there were no new updates to be found. I also tried going to settings and about phone, also no new updates found. I'm not...
  25. Dimension7

    Few question about the phone and its versions

    Hi all, my girlfriend is looking for a smartphone and she seems to like the mini pro very much, so I want to gather a few information about it. First of all, I'm confused about the version of this phone: if I understand correctly, there is the Xperia X10 Mini Pro, that has android 1.6...