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A Few Questions..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hhankpelfreyy, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. hhankpelfreyy

    hhankpelfreyy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok, to start off, has the Eris gotten an official 2.1 update? (sorry if I'm oblivious, I've been rooted)

    Also, what is the easiest way to go from root to the highest official firmware (unrooted)?


    (BTW- I like root but I would like to un-root my Eris)

  2. thrawn86

    thrawn86 Android Enthusiast

    1. yep
    2. as for unrooting, I think that depends on which method you used to root in the first place. restore back to your original NAND and un-root, whichever method that happens to be, and OTA to 2.1.

    why in the hell would you want to unroot? (serious question) are you selling it?
  3. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    Have a look at this

    Note that having root privileges does not necessarily mean you need to have a squirrely, Froyo- or Sprint- derived, custom hack-job ROM on your phone - you could even "unroot to the newest factory code", and then follow that up with an in-place root (search for "engtools").

    Doing that changes not one iota of user or application code, but adds a very small number of tools (something like 3 or four programs) to allow you root privilege - if you want it.

    Even if you never used root to change things, having it means that (through overclocking) you can have a faster version of a 100% stock phone. I don't know what's not to like about that.

    But, it's your choice.

  4. hhankpelfreyy

    hhankpelfreyy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    well, in response to thrawn86, i rooting using the method in which you put the PB001.IMG on your sd card and boot into it and then i installed amanra's recovery image. I am looking for a step by step for unrooting.

  5. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    Try this post for a step-by-step.


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