Root A few quick SDK Manager questions

All right, so I'm receiving my incredible tomorrow, and I'm definitely looking to root it asap, so today I was reading up on the process of rooting. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but all I have to do is:
1. Download the Android software from google, the custom drivers, and the unrevoked tool
2. Install some different things onto my computer via the SDK manager (which I have a question on, but I'll get into that in a bit)
3. Install the custom drivers
4. Run unrevoked through a usb cord and let it do the rest.

Right? I think that's everything in this guide (which was stickied on the front page of this forum), but I definitely don't want to miss something. I hear that you have to back up your stock firmware on an SD card, and do a few minor things, but I think that's all I have to do to root.

But anyways, the main question that I have is something that happened with the SDK / AVD manager (the thing that you run from google's software). I went with default settings when starting it up, and everything went ok as far as the text went, but I noticed that this came up...

Am I still clear to root it after installing the usb drivers? I didn't manually run the adb-kill server, because I don't know how :\ I also noticed that after running this program, there was some 'available packages', that were things like google APIs and an android repository. Should I install these too? I'll wait to here back before I do.

Thanks so much in advance, and please excuse my noob questions


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adb is a service that runs in the background. The install software made the assumption that you may have adb installed and running on your system already and was trying to kill the service so that it could complete the install. As you hadn't yet installed the SDK you don't have adb running and you therefore received the error.

In other words, that's normal.

Other tips: read the instructions carefully, do not skip steps, and check the comments on my root guide - there are lots of helpful tips in there as well. Ultimately, rooting is very simple.

Also, you do not need to backup prior to rooting. Rooting will not remove any apps from your phone, but it will replace the stock recovery with clockworkmod. There are plenty of stock images you can use to restore your phone, if needed.

Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help.


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First off, thanks a ton for your guide! It's very clear, very helpful. I believe I have everything ready on my computer (other than the drivers, but I need my phone to do that).

Oh, and do I need to install these 'available packages'? I feel like it couldn't hurt, but again, I don't want to just do things without reading somewhere that I should (better safe than sorry)

But I'll be sure to report back if all goes well. And thanks again, otherwise I'd be scared to go ahead with the root with the adb server not running and all, especially because I wouldn't have a clue what that is.

Thanks again!