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Accounts & Sync gMail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AoN, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. AoN

    AoN Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm at wits end about now. Brand new, fresh out of the box, Archos 101 and I can't even use the Market because I can't add my gMail account.

    Now, I've been Googling the issue for a few hours, with no REAL results. I've found an answer here and an answer there that has basically led me around in circles. I finally just reset the entire tablet to factory and came here.

    Very straight forward I:
    1) Turn on tablet
    2) Click Setting from its default location on the desktop
    3) Click Accounts & sync
    4) Click Add account at the bottom of the page
    5) Enter in my gMail e-mail address
    6) Enter in my password (I know it's right)
    7) Click Next

    Now I'm prompted for: Domain\Username, Password, and Server. Suffice to say that I've attempted a dozen possibilities, even going so far as to try setting it up like a "smart" exchange account by using the m.gmail.com for the Server and my e-mail address as the Domain\Username. Also suffice to say that they all failed. Every attempt resulted in the error: Unable to open connection to server.

    I can access my gMail via the default e-mail app, also from its default location on the desktop, so I know the tablet can access my account.

    Also, the first thing I did when I got the tablet was to upgrade everything to the newest versions, so I have 2.1.4 firmware and Android OS 2.2.1.

    Any suggestions?

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  2. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Did you ever get this figured out?

    Please post any new info with link to instructions you followed for adding the gapps.
  3. AoN

    AoN Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm deploying on Tuesday so I've been unwantingly busy. This afternoon I took the time to sit down and, ironically enough, Google the hell out of Google for their bloody support number. Sure enough, they don't like to advertise it (went to a good 200 pages in their support section before I finally found it). Then they put me on hold 3 or 4 times while I was tranferred to the Android department, the Applications department, the Accounts department, and finally the "general" helpdesk.

    --- 3 hrs. later ---

    They e-mailed me a link to a support page: Setup Instructions : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

    What do you know, it actually worked.

    Simply put, if you ever get the issue in Accounts & Sync for a gMail account where it prompts you for the Domain\Username, Password, and Server, here's what you enter:
    Domain\Username: \(user)@gmail.com
    Password: (password)
    Server: m.google.com

    Notice how Google is underlined, it's because it's NOT gmail.com, android.com, googlemail.com, and any other Google owned domain like I had tried via other help pages.

    I hope this helps others not to feel as stupid as I do now that I realize how close I was to the answer and how obvious it should have been.
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  4. JaneanPollard

    JaneanPollard Lurker

    Thank you so much for this post. I was going insane trying to add the account.
  5. rscsei

    rscsei Lurker

    Thanks for your post.
  6. I have a brand new Archsos 101 tablet (less than a week old).

    Even following these suggestions here, it keeps saying "no Android phones assigned to this account."

    Oh well, guess it's not really compatible with the Android Market. I was going to return it anyway, as it is NOT compatible with Java applciations (as the sales person said it would be).


    This comes from Archos.com:

    Can I download apps from the Android Market? How? No. However if .apk files are available on the Internet from the maker of one of the applications found on the Android Market, then there is no reason you could not download it from their site and use it (so long as it does not require a piece of hardware that the ARCHOS does not have. Ex : compass, telephone, GPS).
  7. smartem

    smartem Lurker

    Thanks to AoN for a great post.

    But I did everything according to your instructions and still is not working :(

    can you help please.....

    I have chinese tablet Ramos W10, cortex A9, Android 2.2.1, kernel 2.6.34...
  8. cypher88

    cypher88 Lurker

    All u need to do is download and install arctools and it will give you all what u need
    Helped me alot hope u can use this info
  9. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Android Enthusiast

    Download arctools from appslib and do what it says you can get market without even plugging it in to your computer in under a minute :D
  10. michaelb123

    michaelb123 Lurker

    I have an archos 101 tablet.

    I can download apps from the appslib but not the website.really bugging me. I have tried all sorts including AON's post.

    Cannot add my gmail account.

    Any suggestions???
  11. puhnken

    puhnken Lurker

    Can someone please help me get my bellsouth.net email set up on my archos 101 tablet. I have tried everything I have read on the internet and can't seem to get anything to work! I have used user name and password, att.yahoo.com, i've tried it with smpt and without, i' ve tried the different ports. is it just not meant to be? So I have to use a new email with the tablet? How sad is that?
  12. jeja7676

    jeja7676 Lurker

    Hi guys. I ran into this problem yesterday and I googled like 2 hours tried almost everything without any result. hard reset was not an option, I did that once, and I would really hate to loose all my contacts mail and settings again. Than I realized that my problem started since I powered off the phone yesterday, removed battery and taken out the SIM card. (I was experimenting something with the other phone)

    SO, here's what I did this (among millions of other things):

    1. turn off the phone
    2. remove SIM
    3. power on the phone without SIM
    4. turn on wireless and try to sync (settings->accounts and sync)

    After step 4 I managed to connect to gmail !!!

    after that all I had to do is to restart the phone having SIM back in.

    I hope this will save hours to someone. Please leave comments if this helped! If this works I am going to put it on my blog . Btw, clearing app cache, trying to login youtube and stuff like that didn't help.

  13. sarceneaux

    sarceneaux Lurker

    OK. This is simply amazing!!!!!! I did this on my DROID RAZR because I rooted and flashed a custom ROM and it wouldn't sync so I had go do it manually. This worked like a charm. Your my hero lol... thanks alot for the help
  14. roadsterred

    roadsterred Lurker

    Bought a new Pandigital Star tablet and have been going crazy trying to setup the Calendar application with an exchange server.

    Your instructions were "right on". I'm now able to synch with my Google Calendar which is synched with my Outlook Calendar on my desktop PC. Thanks again!
  15. djpailo

    djpailo Newbie

    Thanks for your help. I flashed a ROM on a different phone, but couldn't set up my account. Your advice worked a treat!
  16. martziano

    martziano Lurker

    Hi, I have this problem, I bought a Lenovo A278t Dual Sim Phone with Android 2.3.5 for China Market...I brouth my phone to Mexico and put the SIM of Telcel Carrier, the phone works great, but when trying to look for Google Play app, I wasn

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