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Advice on adding a line with AT&T.

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by jonhcox, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. jonhcox

    jonhcox Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Greetings and hallucinations all,

    About two months ago I sold my iPhone 4, mainly because I grew tired of iOS o
    as well as I bought a new iPad with the proceeds. The plan was to stick it out until I could upgrade this October. I bought a somewhat decent Go Phone to use as the go-between and for at least 45 days, it worked ok. Well, that time has come to an end.

    I was told by a colleague at work about adding a line to get a subsidized price on a new smartphone. I just would like to know more about this particular path before I walk down it. I'm not looking to spend a huge amount and I'm not looking for the most advanced phone, just need to get emails and texts. My colleague has a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it seems like a decent phone. I have an HTC Inspire that I use through work and I'm quite happy with Android.

    Just need some thoughts and advice about trying this. My wife and I have two lines on a family plan.

    Thanks for the help!

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  2. LouCash

    LouCash Newbie

    No its not worth it. Figure the amount you will pay for the second line AND your lines higher monthly charge. (assuming you have an individual plan)


    If you have the $39.99 plan now you would move to the $69.99 family plan. (Your USED line would be charged at $60 the other at $9.99)

    Keep following...

    $60 - $39.99 = $20.01 x 24 months = $480.24

    $9.99 x 24 months = $239.76

    $480.24 + $239.76 = $720.00

    $720 + Taxes and regulatory charges (20% or $144) = $864.00 total payment plus whatever you pay on the spot for the phone.

    If you already have a family plan then its just $239.76 plus what you pay for the phone, which it might be worth it, depending how desperate you are.

    Your world delivered. ;)
  3. acdodd

    acdodd Member

    Don't forget the $30 per month for a data plan.

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