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After 1st day + Accessories opinions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PhilipVanLuke, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010

    Jul 13, 2010
    So after my first full day with the phone & the accessories I bought heres what I think.

    Like the phone alot. I wont say love because IMO the phone is not perfect. I dont think there is a phone I would rather have on verizon, but I dont like the mechanical shutter on the camera. its just another thing to break and the camera should have been standard, solid state digital. I ended up removing most of the widgets. though i like the messaging one and the weather is OK. I really like the wi-fi, bluetooth and gps toggle widgets. I also found it odd the advertised NFL app was not there, but I dont care as im an NBA guy, and planned to remove it anyway.

    I really think for me personally the 7 homescreens is too much, one of mine is completely empty. It could have been 5 homescreens and I would have never noticed. I can recommend this phone to anyone interested without feeling bad about it.

    Accessories - I bought the verizon custom leather case, not the snap on but the pouch with the magnetic flap. WORSHIP this case. honestly I hate snap on cases as I have seen them pop off when dropped too many times. 99% of the drops my phones suffer are from falling out of my pocket, or me just missing my pocket when putting it away, and the phone is in the pouch in those instances so its preferable (for me).

    with the exception of the giant verizon logo :thinking: this is a really nice case, the leather is very soft fine grain leather on the outside and the softest suede you have ever felt in your life inside. its well padded but not too thick, and the big magnet closure ensures your phone isnt coming out of this. id rate it a 8/10 with the two main negatives for me being that it has a belt clip (I only carry it in my pocket, wish it didnt have this) and it cannot be charged in the case. again I can recommend this to anyone.

    I also bough the verizon anti glare shields. say what you will but I always put screen protectors on all my gadgets, I actually really like these shields, they dont obscure the details of the screen and not only does the soft (brushed or whatever I dont know how to explain it) style reduce glare effectively, I also think it actually makes my finger slide EASIER than the super glossy styles. I also will never use a wet application style protector so these are a great choice. in my opinion these are a 9 only because they dont cover the entire glass, if they did they would be an 11/10.



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