Allow me to introduce myself


My name is Guillermo and I just purchased a Moto X Pure Edition on the 26th... It is set to arrive today!!! First let me say how amazed I am by how fast Motorola sent out this phone.. I was expecting this to arrive on Feb 2nd at first.. Then I checked the shipping details it said the 29th. Check today and its set to arrive this morning! Quite the surprise if you ask me. I chose Motorola because I also own a Moto X (1st gen) and they took care of me when my phone broke under warranty. Another reason I chose them is of course, the price of the phone and what you get along with it is hard to beat!! My carrier is T-Mobile and I have very few if any issues with their service (I also think that their pricing is fair compared to Verizon and ATT). Look forward to being a part of this forum and hope to learning neat tricks for my new phone.