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  • Olbriar! I've been popping into AF more often than not lately. I restarted coming back here in '15-'16, but there have been long breaks. I started my AF journey back in '11, and I just wanted to let you and the many others know how much I appreciated your assistance to me in the past. My memory is horrible, but I can still recognize text. Good to be back, and to know that you're still around.
    Hello Olbriar! I see we have a huge place in common. Kansas. Maybe I can just bring this Jazz Ultratab to your doorstep. LOL I'm new to this and already posted a question a few weeks ago but never got any response. Do you try to answer questions?
    Hey there Olbriar, I posted a new thread to the forum you recommended I go for new Android game releases but not seen it approved. Did I do something wrong? Could you please help?
    first i wanted to say hi my name is pammy,and i love your other pic of wizard way cool,and a q if you dont mind.i have a kyros mid7016 tablet,how do i get chrome on it?
    Ah, ok thank you for letting me know! :)
    It didn't look like there was anything "wrong" with it, I just couldn't make sense of it so it looked a little odd to me. Figured it was best to let someone else take a peek in case I was missing something. Thanks olbriar!
    Hi there! You were nice to me back when I got my first smartphone, (the Optimus V). Now, I have a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Reverb, and have found my way back to the forums! :) Thank you for being welcoming way back when! ;-) See you around!
    I hate to keep bugging you, but I've been working on this phone for days. I just keep making it worse. If you or some knowledgeable about restoring my Optimus V can just call me about fixing it, I would be so indebted to you. 571-263-5996. Please help me.
    I just registered and don't think I know how to navigate in here, it looked like you had a reply to my post of broken glass on Captivate, did you have any information on what I can do just short of paying these ridiculous deductables?
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