android 11 app icon question

i have problem on whatsapp if i press the icon on the homescreen i get to see some numbers
and i want to disable this
how i can do this?


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Smoke me a kipper...
The short answer is "don't long press on the icon, just touch it".

This is the "App shortcuts" feature. If you just touch the icon it will open the app, but if you press and hold it offers shortcuts to whatever actions the app developer thinks people are most likely to want. The feature itself has been around for about 5 years, but more apps are using it now. Google do not provide any way of disabling it. You could try giving feedback to the WhatsApp developers, telling them what you don't like about it, and seeing whether anything happens. That's an extreme long shot, but probably has marginally more chance of getting a response than complaining to Google.