Android 4.0


Does anyone know if the (and when) the Desire will be able to ungrade to 4.0? I am currently running Gingerbread 2.3 at the moment with no issues.


Andy :thinking:


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I gave the ICS you mentioned a try and quickly returned to dGB. A lot of hard work is going into getting ICS ready, but I think it will be a while before there is a finished article for the Desire. If you read through the thread it is clear there are a number of issues to be sorted out, but hopefully it won't be long until they are. More than happy with dGB.


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Giving ICS another go, using the one SUroot mentioned and it is stable and working fine.

Edit: don't know if this will help anyone who wants to try out ICS but if you go here and then look at my posts #334, 338 and 357 you will see what I did to get it up and running on my desire.

You need stock hboot to begin with and a partition on your sdcard. To get a2sd working use Terminal and type su [return button] a2sd install [phone should reboot itself].