Android Annoyancies (pros/cons)


(Phone: beTouchE130 - azerty - Android 1.6 upgraded to 2.1 via acer-site)

- Seperate keyboard in azerty (on my device).
- Usb file-transfer works fine if you confirm coupling.
- Android Market.
- Clear screen.
- Nice feel/touch.
- Good keyboard although it misses symbols like umlaut (which is also used a lot in the Dutch language) and the french accents. Maybe this changes if you change the preferred language (haven't checked).
- And a few other things..

- Everything seems to have to pass through google.
- Syncing only works well by means of wifi internet connection.
- Very poor Bluetooth support (turns/flashes on/off all the time).
- Syncing contacts/callender through USB of Bluetooth doesn't work (using MyPhoneExplorer e.g. or Acer-sync).
- Misses sth like: configurable owner-details whenst in pass-enabled sleep mode. I personally solved this by creating a background-image of 640 by 240 px and writing 3 lines of details to the left middle side of the picture so it appears whenst an honest person finds the phone. I know Android-apps exist to trace your phone if lost. What if they don't work, some1 finds your phone but can't see who it belongs to?! If there is a way to set a few details without having to write them to the background picture, let us know.
-Being able to import/export the whole calendar would be nice in case of emergencies. As the only thing that seems to do well is USB file transfer. This is possible for Contacts, but only as a .vcf file.
- Other troublesome things which I can't recall for the moment.

I think many of the annoyancies with my phone are not fully due to the phone but largely due to Android.
Had a Sony Ericsson W300i with it's own type of java-platform before. I get the feeling that that phone was more efficient in the connections and syncing domain. Even if it didn't have wifi.

People buy these smartphones with the intention not to have to lose too much time having to figure them out. They want their new phone to be secure, practical, efficient and oparable as promised. Many of these people are also not linux-experts.


Android Enthusiast
I dont have a single complaint about Android.

In my opinion, of course, Android is far superior to the rest of them smartphone game. So what's to complain about?

Some of the bugs youre speaking of aren't due to android, but more the company that had to modify the software for their phone. That's where the bugs people expierence come from.


The PearlyMon
I think many of the annoyancies with my phone are not fully due to the phone but largely due to Android.

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Because the things you describe as problems are very much not in evidence on a great many Android phones, I'll respectfully disagree that your complaints are Android-specific.

Moved your post to the Acer forum, perhaps other here may agree with you or help.