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Another otterbox rant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vicshalls, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. vicshalls

    vicshalls Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just a shame that htc and sprint can get the update out but otterbox can't get a freaking case made? That is just sad!

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  2. Complex757

    Complex757 Android Enthusiast

    Did you complain to them?

    Imagine if you had an Incredible
  3. bama78792000

    bama78792000 Newbie

    I agree. They sure pushed one out fast for the iphone 4 though.
  4. BigAinCA

    BigAinCA Newbie

    well, there are a lot more iPhones out on the street which means it makes more sense to get that case out first :)
  5. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    Thank them by taking your business elsewhere. I signed up on Otterbox several weeks ago to have them email when they get one out, but still no word from them at all.
  6. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    Heh their facebook page is filled with angry android folks saying they've gone seidio..
  7. KASR

    KASR Newbie

    They've got several cases in the works - as far as getting iPhone 4 cases out before our EVO's that was a safe bet marketing towards a huge user base. We'll get our cases. Can't wait for the Commuter!
  8. CyberRube2

    CyberRube2 Lurker

    What kind of stupid company decides till after a phone is released and sold out to start to R&D a case for it.
  9. neoshi

    neoshi Android Enthusiast

    Hmm a few characteristics come to mind...

    A company that knows that there are five times more requests--not consumers who have purchased, but mere requests--for iPhone cases than Evo cases. There are more consumers who have purchased the iPhone and will likely stumble upon Otterbox rather than already knowing about it and requesting it.

    A company that has limited manufacturing and R&D resources.

    A company that knows that Evos only account for roughly 1-2% of the entire Android market, and despite the good sales of the Evo, Verizon will probably sell more Android phones over the long haul.

    A company that looks after its profits (but which company doesn't?).

    I'm not defending their lack of cases for the Evo and the slow rate at which they bring one to market, but honestly, I can't blame them. We're phone-centric people, so of course we're a bit irked.
  10. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    They lost me today going somewhere else.
  11. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie

    I'm in that same boat as you
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  12. Cru

    Cru Member

    I bought a cheap case off amazon for $9.99 to get me through until they make the announcement. All I have to say is I hope they are making a really sweet case to do the phone justice since it's taking so damn long.
  13. vicshalls

    vicshalls Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am so with you on that. I got the seidio active case a while back. I even emailed then today suggesting that they make the skeleton shell a stand alone item. This way you don't have to get the entire case if you want to change the color but I still really want the otterbox.
  14. Drewray

    Drewray Newbie

    Good post. However, read the following article. While it's not specific to the EVO, it does suggest that Otterbox may want diversification.

    HTC Stealing Market Share from Motorola and RIM - iPhone's sales might also be affected - Softpedia
  15. Drewray

    Drewray Newbie

    Seidio actually makes what appears to be a decent, Otterbox like case:

    Innocase Active For use with HTC EVO 4G - Black

    The only thing I desire in my case is protection for the ports i.e. headphone jack, hdmi, and usb ports. That's the only reason I have been trying to hold out for Otterbox (assuming they provide this protection since they did for my Hero)
  16. Drewray

    Drewray Newbie

    How do you like the Seidio Active case ?
  17. Bagua

    Bagua Well-Known Member

    I have the Seido Innocase Active with Holster, used it for a day because I just received it and love it. easy out with the holster secure and nice protection from the case. Adds a little bulk but I'm comparing that to Amzer's jellyskin and IMHO not that much more.. There's more protection and the quality is tops, you won't regret it. I ordered the white just to have a different color than I'm used to.
  18. jds4000

    jds4000 Android Enthusiast

    The Seidio Innocase Active is EXCELLENT for the EVO. They also have finally released a leather horizontal case to the EVO that will work with the Innocase Active applied. I have had my case (IA) for over a month now, and am not even remotely interested in ANY offering from Otterbox or Case Mate. I simply got sick of waiting! The Innocase Active case is a 10!
    Bagua likes this.
  19. I tried to buy a case from Otterbox a week ago from their website and paid for 2 day shipping. They never sent an email, nothing. I called them to find out what was going on. After I was on hold for 30 minutes, they said "yeah that case in on back order". I canceled on the spot.

    Otterbox: great cases, poor customer service
  20. Raekwon

    Raekwon Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I doubt Otterbox will lose sleep over those of us that take our business elsewhere. Their cases are by far the best on the market, which is why I will be waiting. Got a cheapy type case to give my phone some protection in the meantime. But to invest real money in something other than an Otterbox is just investing in an inferior product, plain and simple. It also sucks that they don't seem very good in the customer service department. But that doesn't make their cases any less awesome.
  21. vicshalls

    vicshalls Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am glad they are making progress now. Still holding out for the defender case tho. Maybe it will be out in time for my wife to get it for my birthday. Lol
  22. XOS THW

    XOS THW Well-Known Member

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