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any apps that will stream from a NAS?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by s0ma, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. s0ma

    s0ma Newbie
    Thread Starter

    pretty self explanatory. Any apps that will stream video directly from a NAS? It's a synology, and I'm aware of DS photo and DS audio. I use them both, but I'm not using the software to convert all my videos just so i can play them on my Eris. Obviously the NAS is standalone, so I won't have a PC on (hence no tversity, twonky, orb, playon, etc).

    Any suggestions? I wish mVideoPlayer did this, i'd be in heaven. :(

    edit: i guess if such an app doesn't exist... is there anything that can play video from a DLNA/uPnP device over both 3g and wifi? Either way, still looking for a solution to streaming video on android heh.

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  2. sunwee

    sunwee Newbie

    search for CifsManager. it mounts your pc hardisk's shared folders so that it's visible under android. but be aware it's not a simple run and forget affair. there is some reading to be done and some DIY involved, especially if your phone doesn't have native support for cifs.
  3. rolivetti

    rolivetti Newbie

    My phone came with allshare. Not sure if it's on the market, but it does alow me to stream video over wifi.
  4. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    I use UPnPlay for audio and pictures. It's pretty new and think there is support for video but it may not be working yet.

    Picked up my Linkstation Live instantly with no bother at all
  5. Subluka

    Subluka Newbie

    A great vid streamer I've found is VLC Stream. Responsive, robust and great control over the stream in program. That does require a VLC web server interface running... I do that from a pc (using VLC for windows).

    VLC Stream & Convert - Android app on AppBrain

    To get it working means editing a text file, it's a bit obtuse but just follow the instructions. Works great over the network in the free version. Web streaming is tentatively supported in the paid version, haven't got there yet myself to test.

    It's not a polished app at all, but once you get used to it the interface is ok and the quality of the streaming is the main point of satisfaction (to me).

    I've been thinking about building an unRAID storage solution, which from what I can tell might let me run a linux version of VLC... Could be one way to have the streaming without a pc on.

    Let us know if you find a solution with your NAS.
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  6. Subluka

    Subluka Newbie

    This stretches everything for me. Is there a way to keep aspect ratio? Zero options for playback, make it a frustrating player.
  7. s0ma

    s0ma Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hmm. Thanks for the responses... I've tried most of those and not quite what I'm looking for. I won't be able to use VLC streaming, as it's not from a PC but from a NAS. I'll keep looking... if I find something worthy I'll try to post it here eventually heh.

    Is there any way to get UPnPlay working over 3g? From what I saw, it only used wifi. :(;
  8. rissandbre

    rissandbre Lurker

    I'm using bsplayer lite to stream from my NAS to my Galaxy Tab 10.1. It has the ability to use a URL to connect to content as well. Works great. .mkv files are a bit out-of-sync (video to audio) but everything else I have, including .vob files work perfectly.
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  9. nitramad

    nitramad Lurker

    Thanks for this. Bsplayer lite works a treat. Streaming from my synology diskstation to my nexus one perfectly. Just need to go to Settings->LAN Mode.

  10. joffinator

    joffinator Lurker

    nitramad and rissandbre, have you tried to access your NAS outside your home network?
    I can't get it to work
    Have added my public IP-adress in the same way I added the NAS in my home network.
    From what I understand, bsplayer uses the samba-protocol(port 445), so I have forwarded this to the NAS, but still nogo. :thinking:
  11. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    File expert. Streams and allows copy from NAS to your phone
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  12. joffinator

    joffinator Lurker

    Didn't know FE could stream via ftp :)
  13. supercooled

    supercooled Lurker

    Doesn't AllShare require the other end to be DLNA compliant? I tried this with my PS3 and the stuttering/lag was so pronounced it's unusable. I'll be looking to get a new LCD TV this holiday season and hopefully it's a lot better than the PS3.
  14. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Also, check the company that makes your NAS box, if it's a dedicated NAS like Synology/ QNAP / Netgear, they may have an app in the market.
  15. jacobbbb

    jacobbbb Lurker

    First, download Mobo Player and install.
    Next, download File Manager HD which allows you to map to network share and even gives the option for a username and password. Find the movie you want to play and select 'open' and it will give you the option to play in Mobo Player. Mobo plays just about everything you can throw at it. Hope this helps!

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