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Any (former) Blackberry Users?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DILands, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. DILands

    DILands Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    OK Guys,

    If you switched to an EVO from a Blackberry - can you post here - with the Blackberry Model, and the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, of switching?

  2. arsenalfan

    arsenalfan Lurker

    I used to have th Tour and I really thought about getting the new Bold ( same freakin device just with wifi and a trackpad ) and when I saw the Evo - I said I'm done with BB - I have never been happier - I dont miss my BB at all - the only thing I miss is speakin to my peeps on BBM and its a shame their is no cross platform chat program.
  3. kurpaige

    kurpaige Newbie

    Had a tour, the only thing BB got going for itself is BBM. Other then that, OS6 will not even get BB close to what 2.1 is and 2.2 is even better.
  4. awayne

    awayne Member

    Speaking of the BBM... Is there any app that is like BBM that will let you know once the other person received and or has read the message you have sent them like BBM? That is the one thing that my wife is going to miss since I am on the road alot and she likes to know if I have either received and or read the messages she has sent me.
  5. jkr4577

    jkr4577 Member

    Had the BB 8830 WE. Really got tired of BB lack of features. There is no comparison BTW BB and EVO. Its like Ive been stuck in a dungeon for 3 years and now Im finally free. The only concern I had was the ability to sync to Corporate Exchange; I must say that the EVO beats my BB at this also and my company doesnt have to pay for a license since its a straight activesync connection. Seamlessly keeps my calendar, notifications, etc up to date. Thought the lack of trackball would be issue but quickly getting over it.
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  6. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member

    Came from a BB Bold 9000. I had the first gen Iphone with the metal back in 08. But coming from a BB I feel more free. The BB OS is just limited and the lack of apps was getting frustrating. I always see coming soon for all the BB apps and Iphone and Android had it all. The browser and trackball were getting annoying and the overall interface fell old and behind its time. Don't get me wrong, I really liked my BB but it just felt old and would have been better like 5 or 10 years ago before Iphone. Maybe BB can really improve the Storm 2 or other touch screen phones....
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  7. nancyh1990

    nancyh1990 Member

    I am still using my Tour as primary phone. Had iPhone all along as backup. Been playing Evo this weekend. Since my emails are so important to me (have 4 emails account with associated contacts), I will keep the tour until I get to know the evo better. BTW, appbrain is a joke comparing to crackberry.
  8. njbianco

    njbianco Android Enthusiast

    I own a tour 9630 I added a 2nd line to get the moment back in November then bought the Evo full price on the 4th and replaced my moment for it. I actually still use my Tour 9630 I still enjoy the keyboard for texting and email but for anything else I prefer my Evo obviously.
  9. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member

    I agree, BB qwerty keyboards are great! But Evo's is just as good.
  10. phalanx

    phalanx Lurker

    I came from both a javelin and tour, I don't miss either besides bbm, the Evo is awesome
  11. djrottweiler

    djrottweiler Member

    how does the size and weight of the tour compair to the evo? I will not be getting mine in the mail till tmrw. Also as former bb users you know how great there e-mail and security is. how does the evo compair to the bb, I use gmail on my bb now and get instant notification sometimes before it actully hits my gmail in box, which is badass. I am hopeing to find a way to do the same on evo with out having to set it to check like every so offten I want it right away as I use this for buisnes also. The other thing that i am kinda worried about is the screen lock. I know on the android it has the little dot connect thing but anybody can see where you have made these marks. I love being able to have a very secure password on my bb tour by using the whole keyboard not just numbers. Any apps to fix this that anybody has found?

    thanks for any help!!!
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  12. sag7392

    sag7392 Well-Known Member

    I switched from the Blackberry 8900 on T-Mo's network. So for me, I took several huge steps with this move.

    1. EDGE (2G) to 3/4G
    2. Much larger device with a higher screen resolution to include touch screen
    3. No more annoying trackball
    4. Much better operating system (and I was running 5.0)
    5. Much more apps
    6. MUCH BETTER BROWSER EXPERIENCE (yes, I'm yelling this one)
    7. A kickstand
    8. HTC Sense UI

    The only things I wish the EVO had that my 8900 provided are-

    1. I had several friends with BB's and BBM was our choice form of connection. I'll get over this.
    2. Native customizable settings for device profiles and apps (I.E. setting the length of vibrations for email, sms, phone calls, etc.). I've been playing around with several different apps, but nothing gets close to my 8900 options.

    It took me several hours to get use to an Android OS, but I think I got it now. Also, I highly suggest installing a 3rd party keyboard like Swype or ShapeWriter...which, I use the latter. This will make the change from a physical keyboard seamless...I mean, I think I can crank out messages faster then I could on my 8900...for real.

    Battery life...I had great battery life with my 8900, this has yet to be determined on my EVO...ymmv on this.

    All in all, it was well worth the switch. I just hope RIM will get off their laurels and catch up before it's too late.
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  13. Edricflo

    Edricflo Member

    Where did you get sharpwriter?
  14. djrottweiler

    djrottweiler Member

    you can get shapewriter at appbrain.com
  15. sag7392

    sag7392 Well-Known Member

    Appbrain---shapewriter---not sharpwriter...my bad on the name.
  16. STLcardinals

    STLcardinals Newbie

    I cant believe how much I was missing when I switched from my BB to this EVO. Im so glad I switched and I'm not looking back.
  17. Painkillaz

    Painkillaz Well-Known Member

    switched from BB 8330 to the Evo...as a Phone and email receiver the blackberry did its job good...as everything else it SUCKed...i was getting tired of not having a touch screen, absolutely no apps, and the browser was Horrendous!...which is why i am completely blown away by the Evo...Everything has improved over 100% from the blackberry...
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  18. wayne8888

    wayne8888 Newbie

    I went from the BlackBerry Storm2 (for which I paid full price after dumping the first Storm). I love the Evo! The Storm2 (unlike the Storm1) is a great PDA. I will keep it since it is a combo CDMA /GSM phone and it is unlocked (good for overseas).
    The hardest thing is to try not to click the screen but just to tap it (since you have to click the Storm/Storm2 touch screens to perform a touchscreen function). The Evo has the Storm2 beaten in terms of screen quality especially youtube videos. It is also a bit snappier although the Storm2 is fairly quick. The android/HTC Sense interface is quite different from the Storm2 interface too. I like both but in the long run, I will probably grow to like the Android one slightly better. If you are in a 4G area you might want to be strategic in your use of your 4G receiver to prolong battery life.
    The biggest improvement in leaving BlackBerry is that awful BlackBerry Browser! I won't miss that BlacBerry Browser (i used Opera Mini instead on my Storm2......the only interface that allowed you to tap not click, incidentally , on the Storm2)

  19. pendragon85

    pendragon85 Lurker

    ATT Blackberry Bold 9000. Bought it the day it came out. The AWESOME thing about switching, the cost. I was paying around $102 a month for Unl. Web, 1500 text, and 450 min. With the EVO I'll pay around $94 after taxes and such but before a 20% percent discount thanks to my employer. The bad can be lack of physical keyboard which I was really fond of. The Ugly is the fact I'll pay ETF around $90. But the awesome will far outweighs the bad/ugly.
  20. wayne8888

    wayne8888 Newbie

    The Ugly is the fact I'll pay ETF around $90. But the awesome will far outweighs the bad/ugly.[/QUOTE]

    Gotta love those ETFs! I had to pay $175 for going from ATT to Verizon (I will be getting $80 of those $175 back due to a settlement of a class action suit vs ATT). Now I will owe $95 to Verizon for jumping ship again. I am going to stay put this time though. Given that it once took Verizon (DSL) nearly 2 years to reimburse me $20, they had better be happy to get $25 per month for 3 months and $20 for 1 month (ETF over a 4 month period).
  21. celeste9000

    celeste9000 Newbie

    I've been using BBs for the last 5 years. I switched because I was tired of the same OS and and I wanted more customization and a larger screen. BB's are really good communication devices. I loved how I could customize my notifications and the push email was excellent! The phones were easy to use and the keyboards were good. I switched because I wanted a better internet experience on a large screen. The Evo gives me that and more. Communication services are not as good as BB's but I can live with that because the phone offers so much more. The specs on the Evo are a big upgrade from any BB out there IMO. I have had the Evo since Friday and I am loving the phone. I wish it could have the communication capabilities of the BB but nothing is perfect.
  22. ladyc0524

    ladyc0524 Member

    I'll be exchanging my Bold 9650 for the Evo..I don't know what possessed me to get the Bold in the first place..after playing around with my cousin's Evo, I definitely had to have it! Should be getting it on Tuesday!
  23. bgiesler1644

    bgiesler1644 Newbie

    I have a Tour 9630 and will be keeping it as my primary phone until Otter Box comes out with a case for the EVO. I added a 2nd line to get the EVO. I may keep the EVO as my home phone and the Tour as my work phone, the message handling is very hard to beat. The capabilities of the EVO are 100 times the abilities of the Tour but at work all I need is a phone and messaging since I am normally too busy to play and am surronded by computers. Thinking about dumping my ISP at home and using the EVO for home internet since thats included in the plan.
  24. chriscrasto

    chriscrasto Member

    Switching from a Blackberry Curve 8310 on AT&T. The difference is more extreme than night and day! The curve was slowly dying ever since I bought it, tons of software bugs, I never downloaded any apps, kept it vanilla, updated and it was STILL dying, a lot of times I couldn't zoom in or use the camera because it was having a bad day! I also don't miss the physical keyboard, it's much simpler with a touch sensitive slab. I can type much faster with the touchscreen keyboard than I can on the physical keyboard. The speaker is the biggest difference hardware-wise imo, the curve speaker is HORRENDOUS.

    Customization is the huge thing. Android is so flexible, it's really use to use, it looks great.

    Basically I love my EVO so much and I don't like my old blackberry. Don't wanna rip on blackberrys but they have lots of problems, slow, and the software is very antiquated. Not to mention they have a billion more blackberrys coming out each with barely an indication of difference from the other generations.
  25. gear.h34d.2012

    gear.h34d.2012 Well-Known Member

    Not many Bold 9700 users out there. Now that was a phone. Too bad I don't e-mail and I'm not a businessman. EVO IT IS.


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