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Apps safe to remove

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bobdamnit, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Here is a non-comprehensive list of apps that can be safely removed via a root browser or through Titanium Backup (I'm doing it through Titanium Backup):

    -MetroPCS AppStore
    -Metro Browser
    -Metro Studio
    -LG Home (Make sure you have another launcher set active!)
    -LG Keyboard (Make sure you have another keyboard installed first!)
    -LG Home Selector
    -LG File Manager
    -LG Home Theme
    -Google Drive
    -Email (I use the Gmail app)
    -Memo widget
    -Music 4.3.11 (Google Play music!)
    -Music 4.5.16 (Google Play music!)
    -Picasa Uploader
    -Google TalkBack
    -Task Manager 4.2.3
    -Text Translator 4.2.3
    -Visual Voicemail (I reinstalled this after testing because I like it)
    -Voice Recorder 4.2.13
    -LG Weather
    -LG Weather theme

    I will edit this post with updated apps that are safe to delete as I find more!


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  2. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

    Buuuuuuuuuuuut? What all will be affected as we remove these apps? Google has a way of making these apps hold hands and if you break that chain , well, you pretty much have to reinstall gooapps just to remove them again, one at a time. Just looking for a bit of heads up if anyone knows what apps affect what.
  3. bobdamnit

    bobdamnit Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have most of the Google apps frozen.

    Every other app in the list has been safely deleted from my phone. The only thing it has broken so far is inside Settings. If you delete "LG Home" and go to Settings-->Home screen, you will get the following error:

    So far, its been the only thing that has broken. It can be avoided if you do not delete "LG Home.apk".
  4. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

    Found that after doing some of these APP deletes, I continue to get insufficiant storage errors when I try to install apps from playstore.

    UN-FLIPPING-BELIEVABLE! I am not able to install something that is a very small kilo but I was able to install sdmaid. This tells me that it will allow certain things to install but not others. WTF? HELP!

    UPDATE: After I got sd maid to install, I went and tried to install an app with 19.75kb and still no luck. So really WTF?
  5. ryan734

    ryan734 Newbie

    I too deleted a few apps listed above and it doesn't seem to be freeing up any internal memory :( which sucks cuz that's the only reason I wanted root.
  6. exile1975

    exile1975 Well-Known Member

    Deleting system apps will only free up system storage space. Try moving updated Google system apps into system using an app like system cleanup to free up some space you can utilize
  7. Develop

    Develop Newbie

    I am have alot of the same issues.
    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong threads.

    I have a question about Titanium Backup and storage in general.
    I rooted the phone. Busybox, Superuser, Root Explorer, ES File Manager are all installed. I got link2sd to work. Even got swapper 2 working with swap partition.
    Here is screenshot

    I cannot get Titanium Backup to work with the sdcard. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I have the same problem with TB/U the pro version will only load in the phones storage and cannot be moved to the sd card. All I can do now is wait to see if someone can find a work around this storage room problem.
  9. milk909

    milk909 Member

    My Metro apps are named slightly different. Hoping they are the same ones because I ended up removing them:

    App Store 1.8.5
    Metro 411 4

    The only one I haven't removed is MyMetro because you only have 4 Metro apps listed even though I probably shouldn't have removed MetroMusic (due to the fact it's not on your list; too late). And also:

    I really haven't used TiBackup before, maybe just a handful of times, but I made sure to make backups of the ones I removed. Anyways, if something fails, what do I do? My backups are stored on my Internal because so far, I could not get anything to backup to my SD card.

    This is probably the only phone I don't feel "safe" with...
  10. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    The best uninstaller of pre-installed system apps is Link2SD. It will also convert some system apps to user apps.
    I like to uninstall system apps I like (as long as they have it on the PlayStore) and then install from the PlayStore so I can move/link to the SD ext using Link2SD.
  11. caseyjp11

    caseyjp11 Member

    A quick toss here. The MetroPCS phone has the T-mobile "system manager" application on board with the snoopware "carrier IQ". I froze this with Titanium with no issues, and then uninstalled it with no issues, checked it by doing several reboots, so I'd definitely add that one to the list. (It was active and snooping...fyi)
  12. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

    I see 3 system managers in titanium bu, which one is it?
  13. meat0255

    meat0255 Newbie

    Hi guys, if you use a file explorer and go into Android folder you will see Data & OOG folders go into OOG and delete files. This will free up some memory in your device....
  14. JerrysKids

    JerrysKids Well-Known Member

    And what exactly are we deleting? What links in apps will this possibly break? :rolleyes:
  15. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    I deleted the preinstalled apps I didn't need with Link2SD.
    Then I totally linked all user installed apps that where on the internal storage with it.
    I then linked just the dalvik cache of the apps I moved to the external SD with App Manager lll's GUI.

    I keep my caches clean with SD maid Pro and Easy Cache Cleaner.
    I safely free up RAM using Fast Reboot.

    76 user app's (quite a few that are 30-40MBs) and still have over 650MB of free internal storage.

    Internal Storage space, and free RAM are the key.
    Get those numbers up. Internal storage and RAM being to low (below 150MBs of storage will make it hard to install any new apps).
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  16. 9000cody

    9000cody Well-Known Member

    What about chrome?
  17. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    What exactly is the question concerning Chrome?
  18. 9000cody

    9000cody Well-Known Member

    Removing it safely
  19. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus

    Use Link2SD and it will do the best job. If you don't need it to move apps to an ext.4 partition on the sd card, just opt out of creating the mount script.
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  20. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Android Enthusiast

    I deleted a lot of system apps but I think the cause of my phone being stuck at the boot logo was because I converted many apps to user apps and then uninstalled them as user apps. Also I converted some apps to system apps to free up user space. The last thing that may have hosed the phone was I was attempted to use titanium to restore sms, vpn connections, and other system settings from my lg motion, but the lg motion had tb version 3.9.

    I have link2sd working, and would like to remove the chrome that is wasting space in the system directory, I think that's what everyone is asking. What's the safe way to delete it from system, especially since i upgraded chrome to the latest version? Convert to user, or?

    When i used link2sd to link the /data/data to SD, it caused all apps that were linked to load extremely slowly. So now I only link the apk, Dex, and library. But my current SD card is a class 10 card.

    I have one more question, there's an app that stores huge amounts of data, its called "show box". It saves tv shows to the pseudo SD card as ./shoebox. How would I link this to the real SD card? Do i install a shell and run a standard Linux ln -s command?
  21. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    Well, considering that the Motion is running ICS, I can see how you soft bricked when you did this :3
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  22. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Android Enthusiast

    Lesson almost learned. I may have done it again. I tried to restore the car home app from backup. The restore never finished, i had to force close TB in the running tasks.
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  23. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Since I see so many references to using Titanium B/U on here especially the previous one that starts with Lesson almost Learned I have a question.

    I've been using TB/U since I've had a smart phone, every app I had on my Motion and several others from before are still stored on the TB/U folder for reinstalling if wanted. since most of these will not ever be used by me again including roms and files, folders from the Motion is there any way to permenantly delete them from the TB/U app? They are just taking up space and making things more confusing.
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  24. guxu

    guxu Member

    "ln -s" does not work with pseudo SD card. Try foldermount.
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  25. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Android Enthusiast

    I keep two titanium backup folders, one from the Motion and one for the L70, and switch between them. I've backed up the SD card to a pc as well, so I'm covered. Once all the apps are restored I will delete the old backup folder from SD. I will probably keep the backup of my SD card around forever, though.
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